New Vostok Central Command and Control also known as NVCCC or NV3C is the official title of the governmental structure of the Socialists of Earth. The plurality of the equipment and personel of the NVC3 is housed in the orbital superstructure known as the New Vostok Command and Control Nexus.


The NVC3 is divided into a number of independently functioning nodes, headed up by the Supreme Control Node, which answers to the President Solidus and people of the Socialists of Earth.



Scientia Science Czar Richardus Dawkins denounces the harmful pseudo-science of eugenics commonly practiced and supported among Nordreich nations.

Scientia as formed during the Great Technological Leap Forward. It's primary purpose is to develop the natural sciences, and integrate all findings into the development of new technologies for the peoples of the Socialists of Earth. The node is headed up by the Scientia Science Czar, Richardus Dawkins. Recently Richardus Dawkins, being an evolutionary biologist, has released a number of statements concerning the pseudo-science of eugenics, and the current state of revival in eugenics programs among a number of Nordreich nations.

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