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The New Sith Order neutral alliance recruitment controversy was a controversy which occurred during the week of July 3, 2009. It occurred after Heggo and Cornian, also known as Viktor or Doppelganger sent recruitment messages on July 1 to members of several of the more prominent neutral alliances on Planet Bob, including the Green Old Party, Green Protection Agency, Grey Council, and the Democratic Order.

New Sith Order message[]


A sample of the message sent in-game.

The following message was sent by Cornian to nations of the Green Old Party, Green Protection Agency, the Grey Council, and the Democratic Order:

Subject: Ready to unleash your passions?

Message: Hey Neutral,

You've been sitting in a neutral alliance for quite a while, beefing up your nation. Wouldn't you like to put all that infrastructure to good use? To test your mettle and use your nation for what it was intended for- to wage war?

Then you should leave your weak neutral alliance and join the New Sith Order. As an alliance, we're string, political, and experienced- we are many things. But most of all, we're an alliance of passion. Once you join us, we won't muzzle you and restrict your freedom of speech- you'll be allowed to let your passions flow. You'll be able to fight for what you believe in, as surely you believe in more than the absence of belief that your alliance stands for now.

So please, apply to join us here:

Oh, and need more proof of just how pathetic your neutral alliance is? Watch as they respond impotently, if at all, to our recruiting directly from their tanks.

-Doppelganger, New Sith Order


Green Old Party[]

Statement of Reconciliation and Unofficial Friendship, GOP/NSO

On July 3 the Green Old Party announced a statement of reconciliation and unofficial friendship with the New Sith Order, in which Cornian apologized for sending the messages to GOP members. The Grand Global Alliance and Viridian Entente were also involved in these talks as they are the protectors of the GOP through the United Jungle Accords. NSO's apology can be seen below:

[2009-07-02 21:28:13] <Doppelganger> Roo, again, I am sorry for sending out those PMs to GOP, I was wrong. It was a bad move.
[2009-07-02 21:28:20] <Doppelganger> you can take that line to the OWF
[2009-07-02 21:30:14] <Roo[GOP]> One way or another our membership wants planet bob to know that we weren't :bullied. To do that, we want a statement (in the OWF) from NSO saying that messaging and insulting our alliance was wrong.
[2009-07-02 21:30:45] <Doppelganger> Messaging and insulting GOP was wrong of me.
[2009-07-02 21:31:08] <Heft> We commend GOP on their active stance at seeking compensation
[2009-07-02 21:33:15] <Heft> You have exceeded our expectations and proven us wrong
[2009-07-02 21:33:18] <Heft> Congratulations
[2009-07-02 21:35:32] <Roo[GOP]> As I've said, our membership requires that all of Bob sees that we were not bullied.
[2009-07-02 21:35:53] <Roo[GOP]> I think that if I take our prepared statement of what has happened and add the apologies here into it, and post that on the OWF
[2009-07-02 21:36:12] <Roo[GOP]> and Heft or Dopp post their apology on our forums, we can consider the matter resolved
[2009-07-02 21:42:40] <Heft> How about you post your statement, and you include whatever logs you need of myself and doppel
[2009-07-02 21:43:25] <Heft> And in that thread I or doppel post something to the effect of you having properly defended yourself despite being neutral and etc except more eloquenty like
[2009-07-02 21:43:33] <Heft> And fin?
[2009-07-02 21:43:47] <Roo[GOP]> and the post on our forums?
[2009-07-02 21:46:11] <Heft> okay we'll go with your plan then
[2009-07-02 21:46:20] <Heft> either myself or dopp can post the apology on your forums
[2009-07-02 21:47:53] <Roo[GOP]> so no personal attacks on each other or on our alliances then?
[2009-07-02 21:47:57] <Roo[GOP]> from either side, yes?
[2009-07-02 21:48:04] <Heft> I suppose
[2009-07-02 21:54:49] <Roo[GOP]> so, to clarify:
[2009-07-02 21:55:20] <Roo[GOP]> We will post a statement on the OWF, probably a "statement of unofficial resolution and friendship" or something like that
[2009-07-02 21:55:25] <Roo[GOP]> within that post
[2009-07-02 21:56:44] <Roo[GOP]> I will include the details of the MM incident, some logs of our conversation - I might even just post the apologies from this chat so that it doesn't seem like I'm trying to make you guys seem like A-holes , and I will make a general statement condemning the mass messaging of sovereign nations.
[2009-07-02 21:57:04] <Roo[GOP]> but say that we reached a peaceful resolution and consider the matter resolved
[2009-07-02 21:57:04] <Heft> sure
[2009-07-02 21:57:26] <Roo[GOP]> and either Heft or Dopp will post an apology for mass messaging our members on our forums
[2009-07-02 21:57:36] <Heft> PRobably Dopp
[2009-07-02 21:57:38] <Roo[GOP]> and neither of us will issue personal or alliance attacks
[2009-07-02 21:58:00] <Heft> Sure
[2009-07-02 22:14:09] <Rekh127[GOP|ToFA]> Congrats NSO smile.gif
[2009-07-02 22:14:27] <Rekh127[GOP|ToFA]> I'm glad we can get this all properly worked out
[2009-07-02 22:14:48] <Rekh127[GOP|ToFA]> now if we can just be friends we can argue about star wars into the night
[2009-07-02 22:18:17] <Roo[GOP]> you can argue about star wars, I'll go back to RL tongue.gif

The Democratic Order[]

poaching from our ranks- NSO

On July 3, John Warbuck, Minister of Defense of the Democratic Order, made the following statement:

It has come to our attention that the NSO government has sanctioned the active recruitment and poaching of members of multiple alliances, including but not limited to: The Democratic Order, The Green Protection Agency, the Green Old Party and Grey Council.

It has been confirmed by NSO that it was approved by their 2nd in command, Doppleganger, and that this was a premeditated and government approved act of war against our alliances. We have attempted to take a diplomatic approach through back channels and have been met with hostility and disrespect.

We find these actions tasteless and we demand an official apology from Ivan Moldavi, Doppleganger, and Viktor. We understand that things have been resolved with Green Old Party, but no show of remorse was given toward TDO from NSO considering their actions toward us. We would like to be shown the same respect.
John Warbuck, Minister of Defense of the Democratic Order

Though much arguing occurred in this announcement, around a day later, an apology was given to TDO. It can be seen below:

I am here for three reasons. One, to acknowledge wrongdoing by the NSO. Two, to acknowledge that we challenged TDO's sovereignty as an alliance. Three, to ensure and let TDO know that this stunt won't ever again be done. I'd like to start off with saying to each member to TDO, it was wrong to send those messages to you. The messages were unwarranted, and you did not deserve the tone in which the messages were written in. The statements and tone were a challenge to your sovereignty. I assure the government of TDO and the members of TDO that this will not happen again and I wish for us to be able to move past this wrongful situation.
Voodoo Nova, Sith Lord of the New Sith Order

Grey Council[]

In the Democratic Order's ultimatum to NSO, Mark Reynolds of the Greay Council made the following statement in response to someone asking why the Grey Council hadn't weighed in on the topic yet:

The NSO have apologised to us via private channels, so we see no reason for us to start a thread on this matter.

Being on the grey team gives us a unique perspective on this as we routinely receive recruitment messages from people who are a bit hazy on the difference between team 'none' and an AA setting of 'none'. At least the NSO recruiter actually knows what capital letters are for and didn't offer a $50,000 startup package

Our members are all deeply committed to neutrality, and I know that we will not lose a single member to the NSO over this incident given how obvious it is that our two alliances have very different ideals.

Green Protection Agency[]

An apology to the GPA

Several hours after their apology to the Democratic Order, Ivan Moldavi, Dark Lord of the New Sith Order, announced an apology to the Green Protection Agency. It can be seen below:

So, out of this whole sordid affair the GPA has conducted themselves honorably and admirably. They didn't abandon the conventions of diplomacy and jump to make this issue a public spectacle or something larger than was warranted. For that I thank them.

I would also like to offer them an apology for the wording of the message that went out to their membership. While I do not agree with the concept of neutrality and believe it is a tool of the great lie, it was unnecessary to convey that disagreement with direct insults towards their alliance, specifically the last line of the message itself.

While the New Sith Order will never fully conform to the wills and wishes of the status quo we recognize the need to occasionally temper our zeal with the current realities of the Cyberverse and we recognize that while we may disagree with the philosophies of other alliances we can at least recognize their right to exist alongside us.

For my part, so long as I am Dark Lord of the Sith, the New Sith Order will not, until the conventions of the past are cast away abroad, seek to recruit from other sovereign alliances unless those alliances seek to recruit from us first.

Again, to the nations of the Green Protection Agency, I apologize if the wording of our message caused damage to your morale or insulted you in any way. My bad.
Ivan Moldavi, Dark Lord of the New Sith Order

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