New Reverie
The flag of New Reverie Depicts the Emperor in deep reverie over a moon lit night. The red fires represent the national color and team origin of New Reverie. A phoenix is shown on the right to depict our glorious capitol. No matter what befalls this nation it will always rise from the ashes.
Updated Feb 4th, 2010
Capital Rise
Alliance Siberian Tiger Alliance
Team Red
Team Senate Seats Held
New Reverie has been elected to the Senate of the red team twice, in Nov and Dec of 2006.
New Reverie has been elected to the Senate of the black team twice, in Feb and Mar of 2007.
Formation February 27, 2006
Death September 4, 2008
Reincarnation January 7, 2010
National Strength ~5000
Highest World Ranking 47

New Reverie

Overview of New Reverie

The nation of New Reverie is one of timeless beauty and majesty. Ruled by a flamboyant and daring king, New Reverie, the nation and ruler have made their mark on the world stage. New Reverie has risen to the peaks of world strength and politics through the support of allies and a never ending drive for perfection.

Early History

Creation: Realization of a Dream

On February 27, 2006, during a tour through the southern continents, New Reverie found himself in a land of unworldly beauty. Song birds and nature sounded off in a symphony fit for a God. It was in this land that New Reverie established his throne and began to build an empire. The new kingdom, isolated from outside influences developed a culture of its own. As cities expanded the beauty of the area only expanded. Song birds can still be heard at all hours, singing tunes of hope and prosperity during the day, and lullabies at night.

Isolation: Eight Months of Independence

The next eight months were spent in a period of extreme isolation. Contact with other nations was limited to trade agreements. During this time New Reverie prospered but also made mistakes. Slowly but surely the nation increased in economic strength and power. Peace continued as always, but New Reverie never let his nation’s defenses suffer. Nuclear weapons were acquired and a standing military was present at all times. Still, due to the solitary nature of the emperor and the isolation of the nation, the military of New Reverie would go untested for many months. During this time New Reverie was only attacked once by a single cruise missile that had strayed off course during the first Great War. No one was harmed in the incident; however retaliation was required in order to show that New Reverie would always be well defended. Cruise missiles were fired back in return and peace was reached the next day. Peace above all prospered.

League of Small Superpowers

Flag of LoSS

LoSS Membership: Introduction to International Politics

During the long period of isolation many groups approached New Reverie and asked for him to add his powerful nation to their alliance. All of these offers where either turned down or ignored completely. Then on one fateful day a nation from the League of Small Superpowers spoke to New Reverie about his alliance. LoSS had captured the attention of New Reverie, and on October 17, 2006 he joined their ranks. Although new to the alliance New Reverie's powerful nation and brilliant ruler gave him influence in LoSS. New Reverie read the history of LoSS and quickly began to understand his new found place in the world. As a red team member connected to a black team alliance and the strongest member of LoSS, New Reverie feared that he would be an easy target of the New Pacific Order alliance should conflict ever erupt. The changing rules of the team senates made this idea all the more certain in New Reverie's mind. In order to survive, New Reverie had to choose between leaving the red team or finding a way to hold a position of power that could be used to protect himself and others in his position.

The First Red Senate Debate

After spending a week attempting to secure trades on the black team, New Reverie began to test his other option, winning a seat in the red senate. In the first days of November, New Reverie began to send messengers to new nations asking for their vote. Slowly votes came in and New Reverie began to rise in the senate polls. New Reverie was confident that he could defeat the incumbent red senators. Winning a seat meant security from the New Pacific Order and also gave him a sense of worth and pride for his native red team. New Reverie was not the only one who was watching his slow rise in votes, the NPO watched as well.

Everything came to a head on November 1 when a messenger came to New Reverie with the following warning:

I'm going to ask you to leave the red team and have your votes clear. Failure to comply will result in sanctioning. I do not take kindly to senate invasions. Dilber, Emperor of the New Pacific Order.

New Reverie was still naive in international politics. He knew that the NPO was powerful, he did not understand that the NPO was the most powerful alliance in the world and many times larger and more powerful than LoSS. Realizing that he was in over his head, he brought the matter up to a member of the LoSS senate. New Reverie had previously discussed running for the red senate before and so he felt that speaking first would be the best course of action. The first time New Reverie had spoken about the red senate the idea was dismissed as a fool’s errand that could only end badly. New Reverie however, emboldened, but inexperienced from his months in isolation felt that he had just as much right to run for senate as anyone. LoSS helped by protecting New Reverie and working on a diplomatic solution. Mean while the NPO worked against him.

The struggle for the red senate reached international headlines when the emperor issued a Decree forbidding New Reverie or any non approved NPO nation from running for red senate. In addition, should New Reverie fail to remove himself from the red team within 24 hours, both he and his alliance would be destroyed. New Reverie knew that he would need a response to combat the lies thrown against him. He felt challenged and threatened by the NPO. He disliked their possessiveness of the red team despite their minority when compared to the unallied nations. The threats formed the base of New Reverie's campaign. He would fight for the sovereignty of the red team and presented himself as a provider to the thousands of independent nations that he was a part of only a few weeks earlier. Shouting out from the top of the highest mountain in his lands, New Reverie offered to be the voice of the red team. He issued a statement to thousands of nations from all teams now involved in the first debate over the freedom of the red senate. With the added publicity and continued campaigning, New Reverie eventually earned enough votes to win a seat on the red senate. This was the first time any non NPO nation had earned a red senate seat since the creation of the NPO.


The growing support and political pressure caused the NPO to reevaluate its position on the red senate. In an epic retraction, Dilber issued a new Decree that made allowances for New Reverie to continue to run for the red senate. This marked the end of the first red senate debate. With the issue settled, New Reverie continued to campaign for the red senate, but was eventually ousted by the superior numbers and heavy campaigning of the New Pacific Order.

The Second Red Senate Debate: Threat of World War

After the dust had settled, New Reverie spent the months of November and December focusing on his alliance. During this time, New Reverie gained a seat on the LoSS senate and used his strength and financial resources to help LoSS as best he could. LoSS was a growing alliance and always in search of new members. New Reverie had come to realize that many of the larger alliances relied on programs to message the thousands of unallied nation throughout the world. LoSS did not have this technology and New Reverie made it a priority of his that it be developed for the good of the alliance. A rudimentary program was created on December 20, 2006.

Needing a way to test the program, New Reverie decided that he would again attempt to gain a seat on the red senate. After his failed attempt in early November, followed by numerous messages of contempt and sabotage by nations of the New Pacific Order in late November, New Reverie was sure that this time his senate run would be successful. On December 21, 2006 New Reverie sent 3 messages to every unallied red nation, the total amount of messages sent was over 9000. Here are the messages in complete form:

Subject: What I stand for Message: I need your help to give the unallied and small alliance red team members a voice in the senate. My goals: mentor program, Red Peace, and defense. I’m not asking for money, just your vote. Please let me know if I have your support-NR

Subject: I want to be your voice Message: Just so you know, the NPO has threatened to sanction me because I want the red team to have a voice for all members. If you have any friends and you want a senate not owned by the NPO let them know that I need their vote. -New Reverie

Subject: Vote for New Reverie 12/22 Message: Greetings, the NPO wants complete control of the red team. They don't want you to have a voice because they don't care about the 3000 non NPO members. Vote for New Reverie in the senate and send him a message so he knows you want your voice heard

The messages were designed to show New Reverie as the candidate of the people. Using his notoriety from the first senate debate, New Reverie had already followed through on many of the promises that he was now advertising to all unallied red nations. With the decree from emperor Dilber giving New Reverie permission to run in the red senate, New Reverie, although cautious and worried, felt that this time things would turn out differently and that he'd be able to serve the red team from the head of the senate.

That evening New Reverie had his answer. His second attempt at winning a senate seat would be met with even greater threats by the New Pacific Order. Dilber once again issued a Decree demanding that New Reverie leave the red team. This time however, the New Pacific Order would be supported by a gathering of strong allies, the World Unity Treaty. LoSS and New Reverie had few options against this new and unstoppable force. New Reverie was still not ready to give up all of his hard work without a fight. The first course of action was to issue a response to combat the accusations that New Reverie had slandered the NPO. New Reverie detested the actions of the NPO, especially after the outright lies told by them in November. Now he faced accusations of slander with no proof, only power backing their statement.

Power would prove to be enough. Although this would turn out to be the longest running debate ever seen, the NPO continued with their plans. On December 23 New Reverie was sanctioned by the two additional red team senators. Despite leading the red senate in votes, New Reverie could not remove the sanction and lost all trades and abilities to send or receive aid. New Reverie still gained votes in the senate and lead the other senators by a margin of over 200 votes. Many called for New Reverie to sanction the other senators or even high-ranking officials of the NPO. New Reverie did not see the morality of such a course of action and the war that it would inevitably cause; instead he released another statement informing the world of his position, to continue supporting unallied red nations.

Shortly afterwards an even greater punishment was brought down on New Reverie, banishment. New Reverie awoke on the morning of December 26 in an [admin] holding cell. The charges against New Reverie were lies. He had been accused of using messaging scripts after December 23 and was forbidden to access his nation until he confessed to the crime. New Reverie readily admitted to using scripts only on December 21. It took 3 days for New Reverie to finally speak with the admin personally and have his name cleared. New Reverie was unbanned, but paid a high price. All of his votes, totaling more than 500 had been erased. The admin had taken away New Reverie's senate position with no explanation of why or what rules he had broken.

With the loss of his senate position and the NPO out for blood, New Reverie immediately ordered his military to stand down and he entered peace mode. This could not have been a moment to soon. By December 29 the New Pacific Order, led by the newly appointed Commandante [Ivan Moldavi] issued a statement declaring war on New Reverie until such time that he removed himself from the red team. Faced with the effort put into winning a red senate seat twice, New Reverie was willing to stay in the red sphere and face the consequences of his actions. LoSS however still needed New Reverie and ordered him to silently change teams. New Reverie for the first time ever changed his team color to [orange] on January 1, 2007. This would put an end to the second red senate debate. The NPO this time claimed total victory and it seems that no one will ever again challenge their supremacy in the red senate. New Reverie remained in peace mode on orange while reestablishing trades. Deep down he knew that the second red senate debate was only the beginning. The real war would be coming soon.

The Second Great War

Less than 10 days after the second red senate debate had settled LoSS entered what would be chronicled as the Second Great War on the side of The League. Upon entering the war LoSS launched a stunning attack against the Confederacy of Independent States. Overnight important members of the CIS government resigned and the alliance was left in chaos. LoSS faced both superior numbers and strength, but their attacks would prove to be insurmountable. CIS never gained ground during GWII and although LoSS surrendered to the Initiative with the other League alliances, their part in the war was considered an overwhelming victory. New Reverie played two roles in GW2. He remained in peace mode as a bank ready to disperse funds to LoSS nations in need and also played a major role in planning the devastating attacks and monitoring the flow of the war against CIS. GW2 would prove to be a short affair, lasting only a few days. New Reverie emerged from it no worse for the wear and began the task of helping to rebuild LoSS nations that sustained damage during the war. New Reverie alone rose over 20M for war reconstruction and remains the largest single donor of funds to LoSS nations.

LoSS Leadership: Building a Superpower

Following the red senate debates, GW2, and the reconstruction, New Reverie had reached a high point of prominence in LoSS. There was no doubt that he was destined to become consul when the opportunity presented itself. That opportunity came in March 2007. New Reverie was elected Consul of the League of Small Super Powers on March 6. During the course of March, New Reverie moved LoSS in a new direction with guiding the alliance with strength and purpose. The following are excerpts from his acceptance speech on March 7:

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me and even those who did not. Today is the beginning of what will be a month dedicated to LOSS. The focus of this month will be to improve the effectiveness of our Ministries, increase the strength and CN knowledge of our membership, improve participation and effectiveness of our military, and to continue our push to become the dominant black team alliance. Today is officially my first full day as Consul and I wanted to start off with a complete plan that the entire membership can read.
LOSS averages 2700NS per nation. My goal is to see this number reach 3500 by the end of the month. This out of everything I will speak about today will be the most difficult. It requires not only sacrifices from our strongest nations, but sacrifices from everyone. We will need almost 100 volunteers willing to give up at least 1 day’s income each week to help our younger nations. I am going to assign this task to our new Minister of Internal Affairs, Kutu. I will work with him on plans to turn this from a plan to action.
I will be working with the Ministry of Recruitment and transition it into the Ministry of Education. Almighty Deus will be in charge of this ministry and successes for this program will come under his guidance. The goal of the Ministry of Education will be to ensure that all new applicants understand the best policies for their nation.
The next big announcement concerns the black team project. There are current talks with ACID to invite their membership to our forums, learn about how we run things, and and grow with us. ACID will change their AA to LOSS in game as well. The advantage to us is that we will instantly grow above 1M strength and 400 members, get a group of dedicated black team members, and help to create closer bonds with a black team alliance that we will strengthen from within. ACID used to be almost as strong as LOSS, but has fallen on hard times. With the continued expansion of GOONS, the introduction of Genmay, and the threat of Onyx Entendre becoming real, I see no other option but to gather strength to our cause. We need to help our brothers during these times before it is too late for all of us.
The last thing I wanted to speak about is the initiative, specifically the GOONS. We are under close watch right now. March will not be an easy month or a safe month for LOSS. We are closing in on 1M strength, 400 members, and an ever increasing presence and influence in the black sphere. I want LOSS to become the premier black team alliance, but this will not come easy. The GOONS will fight us at every turn as we slowly take power from them. This may even result in attacks on our alliance by GOONS, which I hope will never happen.

Through almost the entire month of March, LoSS, lead by New Reverie grew and prospered. LoSS had never experienced a period prior to this point where the alliance had so much growth and prosperity. This period, as New Reverie had anticipated, but never hoped for, only lasted so long. In late March, the GOONS declared war on New Reverie, citing the banning of one of their members from the LoSS forums as their cause. This was only the first act for the larger war already looming on the horizon. With his nation more than a year old and a soldier never lost in battle, New Reverie and LoSS would soon face a trial by fire. March began and continued as New Reverie had planned. LoSS was larger and stronger than ever. The only problem was that other alliances were larger and stronger still. The last week of March would be remembered by New Reverie as the week that changed everything.

The Third Great War

New Reverie had anticipated the coming of the Third Great War since early March. He was pleased to see the progress that LoSS had made throughout the month. Prior to the war even beginning, New Reverie had been declared on by several members of the GOONS alliance. Allegedly the declaration was made in jest, but the greater purpose was to prevent New Reverie and other high-ranking members of LoSS from entering peace mode in the coming war. The NPO had already distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in war funds across the initiative in preparation for the attack. New Reverie pleaded with his allies to help resolve the wars declared on him, but no help was to be found. It was becoming more apparent each day that the biggest allies of LoSS were of little help when LoSS or one of its members was in need.

The plans of the Initiative were finally revealed to the world on March 19, 2007 when the New Pacific Order and allies attacked the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. LoSS was immediately called upon by its allies who only days before had done nothing to help resolve the matter with the wars still declared on New Reverie. Still LoSS and New Reverie came to the call of their allies. The meetings were full of confusion, speculation, and anger at the audacity of the initiative. The leaders of GATO, Legion, and LUE drew out the war plans for the coalition that would be known as Aegis.

New Reverie looked at the situation and the alliances that had entered the war on the opposing side and decided that LoSS would be of most use attacking the Grand Global Alliance. The GGA had an appearance similar to CIS in GW2 to New Reverie. The alliance was slightly stronger than LoSS, but this time LoSS had superior numbers, and the alliance had already begun attacks on GATO. LoSS would also be able to enter the war on moral grounds against the GGA thanks to already established treaties with GATO. It was the obvious match for LoSS and New Reverie informed the war planners of this point. Instead of listening to his decision the planners decided that LoSS must attack the Viridian Entente with the aid of the previously neutral and unpredictable b alliance. New Reverie was immediately opposed to this plan of operation. He had already heard rumors of the VE's desire to leave the World Unity Treaty and felt that VE would not be a threat in the greater war unless provoked. After hours spent pushing against fighting VE and asking for LoSS to defend GATO by attacking the GGA, New Reverie finally gave in to the demands of his allies.

LoSS entered GW3 on March 22 in an all out blitz against VE with the aid of /b/. LoSS sustained few losses during the first week of the war even while fighting a much larger and stronger enemy. Although LoSS fought strongly in the lower ranks, its strongest members suffered devastating attacks. New Reverie never fought less than 3 attackers at a time. Every nation against him was stronger and better supported. As the strongest nation in LoSS, New Reverie was on his own. He fought bravely and continued to keep LoSS morale high. The other strong LoSS nations were ordered into peace mode to help rebuild after the war. New Reverie should have been in this position as well, but the pre-emptive wars by GOONS and inaction of the allies of LoSS prevented this. During the course of the war New Reverie also made significant contributions to the politics and reasons for war, ultimately culminating in the adaptation of Thomas Paine's Common Sense. After the first week of war, it was evident that the alliances of Aegis would not claim victory. New Reverie began to think about his alliance and how to remove them from this embarrassing defeat that his allies had forced upon him.

New Reverie received peace terms from VE and put them to an alliance wide vote under the agreement that LoSS would have 5 days to accept or reject the terms. The vote was almost tied, but acceptance had won. New Reverie posted his acceptance to the terms publicly, only to find them rejected by the VE. Two days into the voting on the surrender terms, the GOONS forced VE to add an additional term, LoSS must leave the black team in order to have peace. This term infuriated New Reverie who had already grown a strong dislike for the GOONS behavior during the red senate debates and the pre-emptive strikes on his nation. Still there was little else New Reverie could do to save LoSS. LoSS voted on the additional term and the peace treaty was accepted. LoSS had gained peace at a high price.

New Reverie looked back upon what had happened over the past 3 weeks in horror. He faced an unwarranted attack by the GOONS almost a week before the war ever began. His allies would do nothing to help resolve the issue. Then the war began because of the hostility and spying of GATO, another ally. He and LoSS were then ordered to face off against the VE by his allies. The war as a whole suffered from poor planning and execution mainly due to delays, poor fighting, and almost no preparation by the Aegis alliances. Now at the end of the war, New Reverie faced the worst and most destructive times yet. LoSS would be forced to move to pink, just as New Reverie had been forced off red only months earlier because his allies had once again failed him. New Reverie never once felt LoSS had failed him. He was grateful that the terms of surrender allowed LoSS to separate itself from the alliances that had brought it so much destruction and sorrow.

New Reverie however had lost the will to fight for a side and with alliances that refused to do what was right. For the past 6 months New Reverie was a champion of democracy. He fought the NPO and their aggressive nature. He fought the GOONS and their attempts to control the black sphere until he and his alliance were forced away. New Reverie had held a senate seat on black for two months. He had seen the historic rise of LoSS. He gave LoSS millions of dollars and hours of his time every day. In only a few weeks, all of these accomplishments were meaningless. LoSS was a shell of its former self after the war. The surrender terms given to the former allies of LoSS placed them under rigid control and watch of the Initiative for months. New Reverie had sacrificed all he could for a side that refused to rise on its own. Now he understood why many of the alliances he had just fought were in many ways right. New Reverie had been manipulated and controlled and then cast aside by too many alliances except for his own. But his own alliance still did not have what New Reverie needed. He did not have the heart to build his alliance up again, only to watch it be torn down once again by his allies. New Reverie needed change, and like all great rulers on planet Bob, he turned to the New Pacific Order to find his calling. Below is an excerpt from New Reverie's post informing LoSS of his future:

I will be leaving next week and I will most likely be joining the NPO. As shocking as this may be to all of you, it seems like a natural transition for me. I have done all I can do for our side. I have stood up to the NPO on the red team during the senate issues, only to be let down by our side. I was forced to change teams because our allies would leave us out to dry. I have over the past months given LoSS the tools to recruit hundreds of new members. I have given us the tools to send alliance wide communications in minutes. I helped us build banks. I helped us raise our average strength by over 700. I helped us get over 400 members and pass the 1 million strength barrier. I have helped us win a senate seat on one of the most competitive teams. I sadly helped us destroy all of these accomplishments as well. But it was our allies that helped to do this also.

I do not hate our side, but I recognize that I may not belong here. I have given so much to our side and have made little progress. I have led this alliance and worked tirelessly to transform it into what it was before the war. Had it not been for the war I would not be writing this right now. I wanted to get LoSS sanctioned. I was ready to see our alliance by the start of June approaching 4million strength. I was ready to be consul and to lead for as long as I needed to be, to see that LoSS became elite. To see that we were no longer the butt of TI jokes. To see us respected by all sides. I am not ready to pull us back up again and many of the people that helped the first time are gone. Most of the advancements were due to the constant aid that my nation gave out, an amount that I no longer keep track of. I made the success of this alliance a job for me, giving as many as 6 or more hours a day to developing strategies, tools, lists, and guides.

I have done all I can for as long as I can. It is time I experienced this game from a new perspective.

NPO Membership: A New Direction



After finishing his work at LoSS and seeing that the alliance would be left in good hands, New Reverie approached the New Pacific Order about his desire for admittance. Although his requests were met with some early suspicion, Emperor TrotskysRevenge and his Imperial Officers allowed New Reverie to join the armies of Pacifica. New Reverie gave one last fare well to LoSS and for the first time in 4 months, he returned to his home color of red and began his new life with the New Pacific Order on April 17, 2007.

During the first few days and even weeks of joining the NPO, New Reverie was greeted with much suspicion. Older members of Pacifica had trouble believing that the one time "savior of the red team" could be a loyal member. Here is the story of the Second Red Senate Debate as recorded in Pacifica Monogatari:

After the Initiative and the League had been formed (addressed below), New Reverie and LOSS initiated the last scandal. New Reverie entered the Red Team, the domain of the New Pacific Order, and began to run for a senate seat. Looking for the power to sanction leading NPO nations, he sent out hundreds of messages to Red team nations asking for their vote citing the need to destroy the Order. He was unsuccessful, but the Pacific took notice of his feeble attempts. They quite reasonably asked LOSS to reprimand their member and recall him from the Red Team. LOSS refused to act and would not take responsibility for its member. The NPO took things into their own hands and threatened to destroy New Reverie, since if LOSS did not accept responsibility for NR’s actions, they would not defend him if under attack. New Reverie whined and used fear-mongering tactics to gain support, but when the deadline came, he had left the Red Team.
The initial distress over New Reverie's membership eventually calmed, aided by assurances from high-ranking officers that his intentions were true. It is often said that the greatest nations in the cyberverse eventually find their way to Pacifica. New Reverie, once a skilled opponent was now a comrade and ally.

Contributions to the Order

New Reverie wasted no time going to work for the Order. His initial work placed him in the service of the Praetorian Guard. Through his work countless spies, pirates, and inactive nations were identified hiding under the banner of the NPO. His continued work and eventual retirement lead to an appointment as an honorary Praetorian, an honor only shared with Ivan Moldavi.

Following his work in the Praetorian Guard New Reverie also began to work for the Recruiting Corps and Military Intelligence. New Reverie has made a profound and lasting affect in both areas. The methods designed by New Reverie for recruitment are utilized daily by the alliance. New Reverie's performance in the military earned him a shared spot as second in command of Military Intelligence.

Hot Ice Cup

Pacifica's hard won Hot Ice Cup

After two months serving in the NPO, New Reverie was nominated for the Council Pacifica and subsequently won a two month term beginning in June. During his first term as a council member New Reverie redesigned the Pacific Resource trade market and created a mailing system to send messages to the alliance faster than ever. Due to these contributions and many others, New Reverie was again elected in August to serve another term in Pacifica's only elected office. New Reverie still contributes to the order daily, his work influencing numerous departments. New Reverie would go on to serve a third term as Councilor before deciding it was time to retire and move on to other areas. During his third term New Reverie served as head of recruitment and revitalized the recruitment corps once again, preparing them for a devastating victory over the New Polar Order in the Melting Icecaps Cup.

Retirement from council lead New Reverie to new responsibilities. Shortly after announcing his retirement, New Reverie was appointed to Director of Intelligence for the New Pacific Order. While much of New Reverie's work still remains highly classified, New Reverie has proven to be an invaluable tool in the Pacific war machine. His work in intelligence and military operations had transformed the Pacific military into a cohesive unit with unprecedented coordination and abilities.

The End of an Era: A year of service to the Order

The position of Director of Intelligence would be the last title that New Reverie would wear while in service to the Order. But it was in this position that New Reverie made some of his greatest successes and strengthened his position as one of the most valuable and sought after rulers on planet Bob. One of New Reverie's first acts was to oversee the gathering of intelligence which justified the causus belli against the Federation of Armed Nations in late November for peace term violations. The final and permanent destruction of FAN can be contributed to New Reverie's efforts and skill in intelligence gathering. New Reverie spent much of his time working on a secret military program called Skynet. The announcement for the program was leaked by a spy and can be found here. Through his work in the SkyNet program, the New Pacific Order was able to achieve an unprecedented midnight blitz against the GPA during the Woodstock Massacre. The organization of the NPO attack was handled entirely by New Reverie and SkyNet. The result was nothing short of a devastating blitz against over 200 GPA targets. Out of all the targets attacked, only 3 were incorrectly staggered on the opening night. The level of coordination and precision of the opening attacks had never before been achieved in the history of Cybernations. This stunning display of power is considered to be New Reverie's lasting legacy in the NPO. Despite the countless achievements, the respect of his peers, and the relative freedom given to New Reverie within the Order, New Reverie retired from the alliance one March 27, 2008 to pursue his own interests. New Reverie continues to be a close ally of the New Pacific Order and has many friends within the alliance.

IngSoc: A New Alliance


Big Brother and Leadership

New Reverie made two attepts to create a new alliance called IngSoc. After initial successes in his first attempt, New Reverie would eventually fall ill and his presence, leadership, and guidance became an infrequent occurrence. Leadership would eventually be passed on to others, but the alliance quickly lost all but a few members. New Reverie would return to power months later and attempt to resurrect IngSoc from the ashes, but the movement never gained traction despite the core gathering of several key experienced members. IngSoc did support LoSS during the Karma war, but the alliance was all but dead with only New Reverie and Spherilion participating.

Death and Resurrection

Death: A hollow existence

On a morning in September New Reverie found himself too weak to leave his bed. War raged all around him in the world. New Reverie watched as best he could though his window but he was unable to leave his chamber and take the field with his allies. New Reverie read battle reports with horror as former allies in the NPO and Mushroom Kingdom fought each other. Nuclear warheads burst all around poisoning New Reverie's once lush gardens. The war seemed to extend on into eternity. Death was all around him, death consumed him, and one day New Reverie was gone. There was no announcement, no funeral, just a hollow indention in the bed where the great leader once slept. A book lay open on his bed stand with a poem by T. S. Eliot. With their leader gone, the people of New Reverie dispersed and the earth began the process of retaking his once mighty kingdom.

Resurrection: Rising from the Ashes

On a day many months later New Reverie opened his eyes. Staring at the sky with his back to the ground, New Reverie wondered where he was. He remembered death, remembered the feeling as its cold embrace had taken him. He felt warm at this moment, the sun shown down on his face. He sat up and looked at his surroundings. The scene was breath taking. A beautiful garden surrounded New Reverie. It spread out from him in every direction. New Reverie bent down to examine what kind of soil would grow such lush surroundings. He dug his hand into the earth and understood immediately why he was in this place. He raised his fist into the air and spread his fingers. Ash floated away carried on the wind. Rise. This land was his home and he remembered the creed of this land. "No matter what befalls this nation it will always rise from the ashes." New Reverie had risen from the ashes of his former kingdom. A phoenix incarnate. Now he moves to restore all that which was lost.

The Resurgence

New Reverie quietly and cautiously made moves to return as a power on the world stage. The results of Karma War saw many of New Reverie's allies and friends now recognized as the leaders of the world, taking the place of the defunct Hegemony. It is New Reverie's hope that the leaders of the Karma movement will learn to avoid the mistakes of the past and the atrocities committed by the Hegemony war machine. To New Reverie the task at hand was clear, safe guard the Karma movement so long as they did not abuse their new power as previously done by the Hegemony. To this end New Reverie presented to the leadership of Karma a gift of unimaginable power.



Although much of his work is classified, New Reverie is credited as one of the original creators of machines and methods to organize alliance warfare, information gathering, and communication. Many alliances use his techniques, or have discovered his techniques through spying or information sharing. All of these techniques and more were used in the creation of the first intelligent war machine, SkyNet, for the NPO in January 2008. This machine would later go on to be called Unimatrix 01 by Pacificans, and information about this system would also be used to create the NORAD system used by the now defunct Citadel. Other alliances may also have SkyNet derivatives, but the first unified alliance war machine concept was developed by New Reverie.

Self Aware

Two years after the creation of the original SkyNet, much had changed. SkyNet had evolved into something far greater than its simple origins in the forums of the New Pacific Order. The machine became self aware in early 2010, yet it chose to remain faithful to New Reverie and serve his desires and purposes. SkyNet no longer separated itself from New Reverie and his allies, it would now follow as a willing companion. SkyNet remains ever vigilant, ever watchful, and ready at a moments notice to destroy its enemies. SkyNet would accompany New Reverie to the Karma alliances and serve as a uniter in war and peace. Through SkyNet, New Reverie would once again gain power and recognition in the world. Through SkyNet the alliances of Karma would gain unification, superior coordination, and the most powerful military mind on planet Bob.


On November 29, 2010, New Reverie put SkyNet up to be considered by the world's alliances for use, provided that he came along with it and could assist in running it.


The Hollow Men
T. S. Eliot


We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralyzed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
Remember us—if at all—not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.


Eyes I dare not meet in dreams
In death’s dream kingdom
These do not appear:
There, the eyes are
Sunlight on a broken column
There, is a tree swinging
And voices are
In the wind’s singing
More distant and more solemn
Than a fading star.

Let me be no nearer
In death’s dream kingdom
Let me also wear
Such deliberate disguises
Rat’s coat, crowskin, crossed staves
In a field
Behaving as the wind behaves
No nearer—

Not that final meeting
In the twilight kingdom


This is the dead land
This is cactus land
Here the stone images
Are raised, here they receive
The supplication of a dead man’s hand
Under the twinkle of a fading star.

Is it like this
In death’s other kingdom
Waking alone
At the hour when we are
Trembling with tenderness
Lips that would kiss
Form prayers to broken stone.


The eyes are not here
There are no eyes here
In this valley of dying stars
In this hollow valley
This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

In this last of meeting places
We grope together
And avoid speech
Gathered on this beach of the tumid river

Sightless, unless
The eyes reappear
As the perpetual star
Multifoliate rose
Of death’s twilight kingdom
The hope only
Of empty men.


Here we go round the prickly pear
Prickly pear prickly pear
Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o’clock in the morning.

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow
Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

For Thine is
Life is
For Thine is the

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.


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