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New Korean Armed Forces
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Service branches New Korean Army, New Korean Navy , New Korean Air Force, New Korean Coast Guard
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The New Korean Armed Forces is the military arm of the New Korean Republic.


New Korean Army[]

Formed right after the reunification, the NKA was the combined armies of the two former states that comprises the Korean peninsula. Having been two separate armies before, they have now combined capabilities that they don't have when the two Koreas were still at war. Armed with XK11 New Korean Rifle (still in its development phase), Daewoo K1A/K1A/K2 assault carbines and a variety of still to be inventoried guns, rifles and ammunitions. It also has 4 armored mobile divisions that make use of the 880 M48 Patton series and its upgrades such as M48A3K, M48A5, and M48A5K, and Soviet's 33 T-80U and 2 T-80UK, as well as the more recent K1 and K1A1 which bear a 120 mm smoothbore gun and are of local manufacture. The ROK Army is using approximately 2500 tanks including 1,524 K1A1 and K1, along side with the 390 new units of MBTs known as K2 Black Panther.


Locally made Daewoo K1A assault carbine.


A New Korean Army 155th infantry division on their routine training .


A recovered T-34 tank, not current MBTs tank.

New Korean Navy[]

The armed wing of the NKAF tasked of defending the New Republic's Territorial waters. The NKN currently owns only Destroyers and Frigates having been the Former navies of Korea where nearly wiped out when the war for reunification began.


The NKS HanHyeJin with other several NKN vessels off the coast of Kim Yoo Jin City.

New Korean Air Force[]

The New Korean Air Force is Tasked of defending all Territorial Airspaces of the New Republic. The NKAiF currently possesses 180 KF-16, 174 F-5E/F, 130 F-4D/E, 60 F-15K, and a good number of South Korean-made T-50/A-50s Golden Eagle among its combat aircraft. Also have acquired over 50 B-1B Lancer aircraft bomber after the reunifications.


NKAiF fly old training aircraft back to Pukchang Airbase for maintenance.

New Korean Coast Guard[]

The New Korean Coast Guard was mandated to patrol the New Republic's Shorelines and guard it's marine and territorial interests. The NKCG currently owns cyclone-class patrol crafts that mainly operates within the 50 kilometer exclusion zone.


NKGC patrol craft docked at Busan Naval base.