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Name change notice
This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as Paragon.
The change took place as of March 17, 2010.
More info is available here.

New Era
NE Official Flag

NE Official Flag
NE Motto: Shoulder To Shoulder, No Matter What
Team Color Aqua team Aqua

Chief Executive:

  • Mr Rosenberger (Rosen)

Executive of External Relations

  • Erikjsch (Erik)

Executive of Internal Relations

  • Fuhrer

Master of Foreign Policy

  • (N/A)

Master of Knowledge

  • ChiefDean

Master of Defense

  • (N/A)

Master of Economy

  • (N/A)

New Era Council

  • Omgitshim
  • Paul Midland
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New Era was started on the principles of Strength, Unity, Growth, and Prosperity. We focus on teaching each of our members the proper way to play the game Cybernations, and to show them the most successful ways to grow each of their nations either in an Economic or Military way. New Era is also traveling down a diplomatic path, spreading our Foreign Affairs abilities as best as we can. Creating relationships across Planet Bob is a very important idea for us, and we will succeed in that action. Because there are always nations with an itch for war, we allow Tech Raiding and Fruitful attacks on any inactive nation that is not on the Red or White sphere, or in any alliance. Each of our members has the same opportunities as the next, and that is why we offer Council Seats. Being a Councilor is a big job, because it is their duty to represent the Citizens of New Era in any way possible. Also, because not everyone can be a New Era Councilor at once, every member has the chance to speak up, and offer a change to something in New Era. We like to hear everyone's ideas and opinions. During time of conflict New Era will use diplomacy to resolve any issue that draws New Era or our allies in. If diplomacy does not work, and New Era is forced to step on the battle field, we will honor every one of our treaties as best we can, and fight with strength and loyalty.

Meaning Behind the Name[]

"New Era" is the official Cybernations name for this alliance, however in short the name is "NE". The reason this name was chosen is because we want to create a new beginning, or "New Era" for all of Planet Bob and each nation that walks through our doors. We see this new beginning to create something different that what is already out in Planet Bob, and to offer much more than most alliances do. Our key idea behind New Era is to let each of our members speak what is on their mind, and to give each and everyone of them a chance to stand up and represent New Era in a positive light.

Contacting Us[]

If you have any need to contact New Era, please use the following methods:

  • IRC: #NewEra
  • CN Forums Message: Mr Rosenberger, Erikjsch
  • In-Game Message: Mr Rosenberger, Erikjsch
  • Our forums: New Era's Forums

New Era's Charter[]

To view our Charter, please Register on our forums, and look in our Public Archive!