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April Fools' Flag of the New Emerald Order

New Emerald Order (also the Green Sphere Colony of the New Pacific Order, Imperial Green Colony of the New Pacific Order, and later the Imperial Green Village of the New Pacific Order) is a term which is sometimes used to refer to the Grand Global Alliance, either jokingly or as an insult, referring to their close relationship with the New Pacific Order since the coup of their Emperor Prodigal Chieftain in 2006. The name 'New Emerald Order' was first used on April 1, 2008 as part of an April Fools joke where the New Pacific Order announced the Grand Global Alliance would disband and become the New Emerald Order. During the War of the Coalition, the term re-emerged when Vox Populi announced that they did not recognize GGA as an alliance but instead the Green Sphere Colony of the NPO due to the fact that the Grand Global Alliance did not recognize Vox Populi as an alliance. Due to this DerekJones, a Triumvir of the Grand Global Alliance later began to use a signature which stated "New Emerald Order" with "Green Sphere Colony of the NPO" below it. On November 23, 2008 Vox Populi began to call them the "Imperial Green Village" due to the GGA's loss of sanctioned status.

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