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New Atlantis
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A underwater "side view" of New Atlantis.
Union of Midway
Far Eastern Territory

New Atlantis is the capitol of the Far Eastern Territory of the Union of Midway, and is also the first city build completely undersea. It is a city gained a majority of its population from immigrants looking to make a fortune off of Unbiunium mining.


Construction of New Atlantis had begun in August, 2011. Construction worker's happened to run across a large deposit of Unbiunium, which was thought to be so unstable it couldn't exist naturally on Earth. This brought in many volunteer workers and immigrants, all of which sought to settle in the city and make a fortune off mining Unbiunium. Through this, construction of much of the city was finished by September 1, 2011. Mining had begun earlier, but full-scale mining operations also started on this day.

New Atlantis quickly became a lavish and bustling city, and was even named capitol of the Far Eastern Territory of Midway. Many received a fair amount of money, contributing to the vast improvements that were made during this time.

When Midway was overthrown and annexed by JBR, New Atlantis continued to prosper. However when Theresa Vales II came to power and implemented a series of harsh laws, many of the cities inhabitants were outraged, and assisted the Midwayan People's Army's capture of the city. However a subsequent blockade cut off food supplies.

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