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Israel Flag

National Flag
Capital City Ashdod
Official Language(s) Hebrew, Arabic
Established 2/26/2007
(4,885 days old)
Ruler Legundir
Nation Team Black team Black
Currency Currency Dinar Dinar
Native Resources Aluminum, Rubber

Neo Israel is a nation centred around the Israeli homeland, its capital being the city of Ashdod.

History Edit

Neo Israel was built upon the ashes of the State of Israel following the Second Yom Kippur War.

Shortly following its foundation, Neo Israel was unjustly attacked by the marauding nation of dorgon in a short-lived war known as the Israeli-Dorgon Conflict. The forces of Neo Israel were devastated, and Legundir was forced to bow in disgrace. This humiliation has yet to be forgotten.

For some time Neo Israel meandered from alliance to alliance, before becoming fully committed to Legio x. This proved to be an unwise decision, as a large scale war erupted soon after admission which saw the nation attacked by several nations from rival alliances while receiving zero support from its own. Legio x effectively fell apart, its highly organized structure accounting for nothing. Eventually Legundir was forced to surrender to TOOL and has become a prisoner of war.

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