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Flag of Nenetsia.

Nenetsia-North Uralica (Finn. Nenetsia-Pohjoisuralikka, Russ. Ненеция и Северная Уралика) is the northernmost county of Uralica, and also the least and most sparsely populated, not even having as many people as the city of Pechora. Just under half of these live in the county seat of Naryan-Mar, which sits in the delta of the Pechora River. There are only three incorporated settlements in the entire county, Naryan-Mar, Belushya Guba (Engl. Belushi Bay), and Amderma, with a great many of the Nenets people still living in small villages scattered throughout the county. The most common practices here are traditional-style fishing and mining, with the fluorite mines of Amderma being opened back up after Uralica annexed the region. Eco-tourism is also a large part of the economy, with the Barents Polar Bears being a protected species within Uralica. The county is home to four national parks - Franz Josef Land National Park, Polar Bear National Park, Pechora Delta National Park, and Tsar Bomba National Monument, as the largest nuclear weapon ever made ("Tsar Bomba") was detonated over Novaya Zemlja.

The extent of the county is the former Nenets Autonomous Okrug (whose flag it uses), plus Novaya Zemlya and Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa.

Important Towns[]