His Excellency, Reichsgraf von the Nordreich

Reichskaiser von Nordreich
In office
October 2nd, 2015 – January 11th, 2015
Preceded by Oro Ibah Aozpi
Succeeded by Oro Ibah Aozpi

Reichskaiser von Nordreich
In office
October, 2009 – January 16, 2012
Preceded by Position re-established
Succeeded by Vinzent Zeppelin

Nemhauser is the ruler of Chemelot and is known as the man with the picture of Hitler (which is actually his uncle Bob) in the background.

This handsome devil is known for his characteristic method of answering the phone, greeting the caller with a cheery "Allo, Allo!"

Reichskaisers of the Nordreich
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