tygrir ognah opok (we are one)
National Anthem
sonic cd you can do anything
Capital City opagnur
Official Language(s) morker (in english the right languages)
Demonym skandinavian
Established 05/30/2013
(2,384 days old)
Government Type Democracy democracy
Ruler Gnomis
nimum ignus ljung
Alliance Mortalwombat
Mortal Wombat
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of Date of the most recent update to this page
Total population Total population
 Number of civilians civilians
 Number of soldiers soldiers
Population Density Your nation's current population density
Literacy Rate Literacy Rate. Do not add the % symbol%
Religion Norse norse
Total casualties Total casualties
 Attacking casualties attacking
 Defending casualties defending
Casualty Rank Casualty ranking against other nations (rank number only (e.g. 12,235), not "Ranked #12,235 of 25,545 Nations (47.90%)") of 5,242
Currency pound pound
Infrastructure Infrastructure level
Technology Technology level
Nation Strength Your nation's national strength
Nation Rank Your rank ONLY (e.g. "12,235," not "Ranked #12,235 of 25,545 Nations (47.90%)") of 5,242
Alliance Rank Your rank among your alliance nations; both this and the following field are necessary to display this rank and must be numbers only, as explained above of Number of nations in your alliance
Efficiency Efficiency of your nation, based on NS over time, e.g. 43.35
Total Area 106.718 mile diameter
Environment Invalid Environment value (The hidden number located next to your environment level (click-and-drag to highlight the area and see it))
War/Peace War 
Nuclear Weapons Nuke prohibit Nukes prohibited
Native Resources Pigs Uranium
Connected Resources
File:TradesNumber of trade slots currently filled5.png
Connected resources gained through trade, e.g. Oil Water
Bonus Resources Bonus resources gained through trade, e.g. Beer Radiation
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