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Official Flag of Necroland

National Flag
Capital City Bashur
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Alliance The Order of Righteous Nations
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Green Green
Religion Mixed Mixed
Currency Dollar Dollar

Nation Information[]

In an instant, 80% of the worlds population has turned into rage humans and the weather has gone out of control. Inside all of this chaos, the remaining survivors attempt to unravel the answers to this convoluted mystery. Check out Lt Evans (James Lunddon) as he battles Necrit's and searches for survivors through out the land.

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James Lunddon (born January 28th, 1970) is an American born actor raised in and around Detroit Michigan.

James was born the oldest of 3 siblings, including a half sister later born by his father and girlfriend when his mother separated while in the 8th grade. James Lunddon comes from a hard working 3rd generation Chrysler family. His grandfather, father, uncle, cousin, and brother all working for the automotive industry. He chose not to follow in his families footsteps to work in the plants but pursued other dreams.

One of those was a career in Law Enforcement. Just a few credits shy of a specialized "law enforcement degree" from the local community college. James applied to several agencies and began working for the sheriff department and even as armed security for the McNamara federal building. Years of training and experience taught James the skills he uses today in acting.

Staying occupied by sports during his young age in junior high and high school. James quickly became involved in the bodybuilding world by entering competitions. He was fascinated by the fitness industry. He has competed in over a dozen bodybuilding shows and placed. Training and health are essential to his lifestyle and help contribute to his over all well being.

It was when his mother passed from cancer in 2010 that James suffered from a deep depression. Coming from a harsh dysfunctional family environment eventually wore on James after his mother passing. It was when in a therapy session it was suggested he reconstruct his life and try acting. To build certain social skills and reinvent himself.

This is when he took the steps to take acting classes at an accredited school including to work as an unpaid intern to help get free classes. Fascinated by the school and acting industry. Being on set was an instant passion and easy transition from a bodybuilding stage to the camera.

James Lunddon began auditioning catching roles as "Carl" the Italian father in "Hindsight" along side Brad Schmidt from "House Of Lies". After getting onto "Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction" as a featured extra and working with Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, and along side Pete Kelly for a role as security police. He was inspired by producer Michael Bay to bring inspiration into his films, as well as, the performance from his actors.

Look for him in the Sci-Fi film "Necroland" as Lt Evans. Also, his appearance in "Transformers 4" and his role in "Hindsight" as James builds his acting career.