Necoho is a long serving member of the New Pacific Order, and an Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs.

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Necoho sig

National Flag
"Sapere Aude"
Capital City Necohopolis
Official Language(s) English
Established 01/05/2008
(4,478 days old)
Ruler Necoho
Alliance NPObannerflagnew
New Pacific Order
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
NpoarmageddoniconNpolosticonNpoisolationiconNporedemptioniconEra of Boldness
Nation Team Red team Red
Statistics as of 10/1/2010
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Currency Florin Florin
Native Resources Cattle Sugar

Early HistoryEdit

Necoho joined CN in December 2008, his first nation was called Necohota. Necoho retired that nation and created Margate in February 2009. Necoho was a prolific member of TORN, joining them in December 2008, until his leaving in November 2009. During that time with TORN he became Representitive in August 2009, and Triumvir of Internal Affairs in September, a post he held until he left TORN. In the summer of 2009, TORN was in crisis, and Necoho was one of the people who re-wrote it's Charter. Necoho also served as an unofficial Foreign Affairs Minister, revamping the department, and re-organizing it. Necoho was in charge of the TORN Anubis Regiment (the NPO equivalent to Alpha Battalion), and was first a member, then in charge of TORN's Admissions Council. Necoho played a role in every single TORN Department except Finance.

NPO MembershipEdit

Necoho applied for NPO membership on November 11 to 12 2009. During his application procedure, Necoho has been asked by Contra if he were aware of the fact that NPO was under surrender terms as a consequence of the Karma war. Necoho's responsed by saying: "I joined knowing so and have no issues with it." He also revealed that he has been "lurking around" Pacifica's forums for quite some time "considering joining". Moreover, Necoho narrated frankly: "The culture and dedication that the membership show for this alliance is so far beyond what I have previously experienced. It is beyond commendable. It is beyond admirable." Regarding his definition of honor, Necoho stated: "It is honorable to serve where one can serve best, and in my case, I believe it to be the New Pacific Order." His application has been approved by Farrin Xies, ruler and founder of Farrin Free States and member of the Academy of the New Pacific Order. Ready, able and willing to do his part for NPO, Necoho found an alliance with solid organization, a fulfilling camaraderie and a proud, distinguished history for what reason he called Pacifica his new home soon.

First Successes and Occupations over TimeEdit

After he successfully joined the NPO, Necoho started his career with the Diplomatic Corps and was instrumental in setting up the Red Team outreach program, speaking to other Red team alliances and befriending them. Necoho also joined the Media Corps of the New Pacific Order.

Necoho resigned his post in the Media Corps as a scribe. In this role he wrote a guide on how to write poetry and also posted some poetry of his own, certificating his literary and musically skills.

Necoho's value as a Pacifican was attested as he was accepted to join Culture Corps as well as later the Praetorian Guard of the New Pacific Order and the Military Intelligence of the New Pacific Order.

His current occupations are those of a Diplomatic Special Envoy, a Tactical Analyst, a Pratorian Guard and a Professor of the Imperial Academy of the New Pacific Order where he teaches the next generation the values and history of the Order.

Furthermore, Necoho held a position as Councilor triply, liasing with The Body Republic of Pacifica. After Necoho has been asked which moment he considers the most memorable one, he replied cordially: "When I was elected Councilor with the highest percentage of votes the first time. It showed that Pacifica wanted and respected me, even though I had just made the minimum membership requirement. I remember Bilrow said, 'seems like you've been around forever'."

Friendship and CamaraderieEdit

As Necoho himself states, after being asked what people were the most influential to him within Pacifica:

Apart from Gandroff, whom I respect immensely, I'd have to add Hawk 11 and Umbrae Noctem to my list of respected Pacificans. Hawk is a former FA IO, and I learned a lot from him, and I thank him for being so nice to me when he could have complained of old man syndrome and ignored me. I also look up to Umbrae, because he just doesn't miss anything. Ever. There was an event in which I needed his help, and I told him that I'd basically fall on my sword if I turned out to be wrong on it, and aside from tuning out right, I think I warmed the guy's tough as hide heart a little in the process, since he gave me a compliment, which he never does to nearly anybody.


Military IntelligenceEdit

Necoho was a long serving member of Pacifica's Military Intelligence. Serving to the utmost satisfaction of his superiors, Necoho was promoted from a Tactical Analyst to a Cryptographer on September 13, 2010.

Praetorian GuardEdit

One of Necoho's favourite occupation during his time was that of being a Praetorian Guard of the New Pacific Order or to use his own words: "I just love being the avant-garde of Pacifica."

On October 25, 2010, Necoho was appointed Centurion of the Praetorian Guard due to his unprecedented devotion and the abundant merits he had rendered to his task in the past.

Diplomatic CorpsEdit

NPO DiploCorp

Diplomatic Career
July 20, 2011–Present
Unknown - July 20, 2011
Military econ coordinator
January 24, 2010 - Unknown
Diplomatic special envoy
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown

The Diplomatic Corps is renowned the world over for establishing solid friendships and allies, the Imperial Ambassadors of the New Pacific Order Diplomatic Corps travel the Cyberverse to build and maintain relationships with the hundreds of different alliances all over the world. Representing the NPO alliance and spreading the light of Pacifica's culture.

As a Diplomatic Special Envoy, Necoho oversaw several ambassadors. It was his responsibility to ensure that they were keeping in contact with their assigned alliances and that the Diplomatic Corps kept the face of Pacifica alive and well to Planet Bob.

In his speech to the Body Republic, newly appointed Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs Farrin declared:

Comrades of the Body Republic, It is my esteemed pleasure as my first act as your newly appointed Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs to name my replacement as Legate. The Imperial Legate, for those who aren't aware, is charged with the day-to-day running of the Diplomatic Corps. It is a very time-intensive position, and requires skill, charm, intelligence, and patience. It is not a position to be given lightly. I come before you to say that I have found not one, but two people meeting those qualifications in the upper echelons of Diplomatic Leadership, and I am pleased to promote them to fill my position. They have both put in countless hours for the Order, in positions throughout the alliance. I am certain that I am leaving my former position in very capable hands. Please join me in congratulating Necoho and Kean, the two newest Imperial Legates of the New Pacific Order's Diplomatic Corps. Together, I assure you we will strive to do our best for Pacifica and you, our comrades.

Council PacificaEdit


Council Pacifica Career
June 2010
Seventh Revolutionary Council
May 2010
Sixth Revolutionary Council
April 2010
Fifth Revolutionary Council
March 2010
Fourth Revolutionary Council

In March 2010, Necoho gained a seat on the Council Pacifica. As a Councilor his primary duty was to represent the Body Republic by building and maintaining relationships with members, answering their questions and acting as an accessible, available authority figure. Councilors were an important link between the Imperial Leadership and the Body Republic, communicating with every group in the New Pacific Order.


Award Name Description Date Awarded
Diplomatic High Leadership Ribbon For hard-working, diligent, efficient, and outstanding abilities leading the Diplomatic Corps. October 13, 2011
Diplomatic Dedication Award Awarded for dedication in the Diplomatic Corps by Farrin. June 26, 2011
Diplomatic Leadership Ribbon Awarded for determination and skillful performance within the Diplomatic Corps by VektorZero. April 23, 2011
Praetorian Guard Service Award Awarded for nine months of service within the Praetorian Guard. Unknown
Military Intelligence Weekly Award Awarded for performing excellent work within Military Intelligence. Unknown
Military Intelligence Service Medal Awarded for six months of service within Military Intelligence. Unknown
Academy 1 Year of Service Award Awarded for serving 1 consecutive year in the Academy of the New Pacific Order June 26, 2011

NPO War HistoryEdit

Necoho's first full-scale war while a member of NPO was the Doom House-NPO War. He has also taken down many rogues in his service to Pacifica.

Ribbon BarEdit

Necoho's NPO War Ribbon Bar

Dhribbon6 · GrudgeWar


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