Nebula-KoA War
Date October 22–23, 2008
Casus belli KoA recruiting from Nebula-X
Result KoA issues apology; Emperor of winners and cool3atool to be ZIed by Nebula-X
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Virtuous War
Flag cn.png
Knights of Aragon
Nations: 86
Total NS: 959,361
Nukes: 99
Average NS: 11,155
Score: 4.99

49,094 land
203,126 Infra.
28,510 tech
1,166,657 soldiers
61,643 tanks
669 cruise missiles
2,068 Aircraft
108 ships

Nations: 16
Total NS: 225,625
Nukes: 12
Average NS: 14,102
Score: 0.94

10,396 land
49,979 Infra.
8,409 tech
58,859 soldiers
1,073 tanks
140 cruise missiles
434 Aircraft
29 ships

Background[edit | edit source]

During the earliest stage of Nebula-X's existence, a select few were given high government in Nebula-X, those people being Emperor of Winners (From here on out known simply as, 'Emp'), Deadeye, and a number of other rulers. At this time Nebula-X was now well over 500,000 nation strength and was still progressing. However, Several members were not doing their job in the Nebula-X government and had been giving multiple warnings. After attempting multiple times to regain activity in certain government members, Zabee and Ludacrism decided to change the Nebula-X government structure from a triumvirate to a dictatorship without the consent of Emp.

Soon after the government structure shift, Emp and his friends left for Knights of Cydonia. Later, they would leave KoC to create the Knights of Aragon. Nebula-X then suffered a large drop in nation strength, In which Nebula-X blamed the KoA government for poaching Nebula-X nations. Upon these accusations(Which were never proven), an update blitz and declaration of war was planned, and weeks later executed flawlessly. KoA was severely crippled the first night of combat, and surrendered eighteen hours after the initial blitz.

As a result of the loss, Cool3atool and Emp agreed to Nebula-X's surrender terms, which entailed full ZI of Emp, however this was never carried out.

KoA is officially disbanded now.

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