Navies are your sea-borne armies that provides support for your military. At a minimum, a navy requires 1000 land, a Harbor and either a Drydock or Shipyard improvement. However, in order to engage your Navy, your target also needs to have 1000 land and/or a navy.


You must have a Drydock or Shipyard to build the relevant ships and both of these improvements require a Harbor. You may purchase up to 5 vessels per day. If you are in Peace mode, this is reduced to 2 per day. Naval Academy improvements will increase this by 1 each (up to 2).

You may only purchase a certain number of each ship as determined by your infrastructure and technology levels. Each Drydock and Shipyard will also increase the maximum for the relevant ships by 1 per improvement.

Naval Vessels
Vessel Cost Upkeep Str Infra/Ship Tech/Ship Improv Blockades Other
Corvette $300,000 $5,000 1 2,000 200 Drydock No 3 Strength vs. Landing Ships
Landing Ship $300,000 $10,000 3 2,000 200 Shipyard No +1% ground battle damage up to 20 ships.
Battleship $300,000 $25,000 5 2,500 300 Drydock Create/Break
Cruiser $500,000 $10,000 6 3,000 350 Drydock Create/Break 10 Strength vs. Destroyers
Frigate $750,000 $15,000 8 3,500 400 Shipyard Create/Break 12 Strength vs. Submarines
Destroyer $1,000,000 $20,000 11 4,000 600 Drydock Break only +2% cruise missile damage up to 10 ships.
Submarine $1,500,000 $25,000 12 4,500 750 Shipyard Create only 15 Strength vs. Carriers
+2% nuclear missile damage up to 10 subs.
Aircraft Carrier $2,000,000 $30,000 15 5,000 1000 Shipyard No +5 aircraft per ship up to +25.
Deploy +5 aircraft per ship up to +25.

Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and Aircraft Carriers are immune to nuclear attacks. You will lose 25% of your Corvettes, Landing Ships, Cruisers, and Frigates.


Each day, you may make a total of three naval actions regardless of the number of wars you are participating in. A naval attack engages the opposing fleet in battle and is necessary to destroy blockade breakers.

If your opponent has no ships capable of breaking a blockade, two additional options become available.

  • Battle support increases the amount of damage done in ground battles and also activates the various ships' abilities. You can only provide battle support once per day per war front.
  • If you have five ships capable of creating a blockade, blockade will decrease the target's next tax collection by 1-5%. This penalty is cumulative up to a maximum of 100%; however, a nation may only be blockaded once per day, regardless of the number of wars it is in.
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