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|ideology = Social Nacionalism, Progressivism
|ideology = Social Nacionalism, Progressivism
|fiscal_position = Centre-Left
|fiscal_position = Centre-Left
|social_position = Centre-Left
|social_position = Left
|color = Green
|color = Green
|color2 = White
|color2 = White

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National Party
National Party of Antiquia
FoundedMay 27, 2012
IdeologySocial Nacionalism, Progressivism
Fiscal positionCentre-Left
Social positionLeft
Secretary GeneralRobert Aguilar
HeadquartersMedellin, Republic of Antioquia
Official colors      White
Seats in the
- Congress of the Republic (both cameras)
- Upper Camera
- Lower Camera

67 of 100
31 of 50
36 of 50

The National Party of the Republic of Antioquia, also known as the National Party of Antioquia but best known as the National Party, is a major political party in Antioquia. It is also the largest political party in Antioquia. It holds 67 seats total in all of the Congress of the Republic, 31 out of 50 seats in the Upper Camera, and 36 out of 50 seats in the Lower Camera. It is a liberalist in some of it political positions but most of its positions are based off nationalism. Many of its positions can be considered liberal nationalist in at least one way. For example they believe a nation is not based on common ethnic ancestry, but a political entity who's core is not ethnicity. They do emphasize the ultranationalist intense support for ones nation, but condemns any form of oppression of the people and genocide. The party was founded on May 27, 2012 by Kovrov Stoyanovich. He combined the social beliefs of the people of Antioquia and ultranationalism's intense support for one nation and some liberal nationalist beliefs.

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