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Atyan Football Society
Checha Spigruu, Gabrukoo Nadulketa
Logo of Atyan Football Society
Type National Team
Country DZofA
Nickname(s) Fridzef
Founded 14 June 2009
Ground Liseewulin
Sram Hutsun
Capacity: 10,000
Manager Traian Siperco

Atyan Football Society(Atyan: Atyan Shnit Kumonshich Zunuzuno(ASHKZ)) is the official football organization in Atya.


ASHKZ was established on 14.06.2009 by the Head of the FSB, Traian Siperco in order to participate in the Realm's Own Football League(ROFL) 2009, in the weeks ahead. However, ROFL 2009 was cancelled with the dissolution of The Realm three days after the Atyan team was announced. However with the creation of Walkabout, w00t 09 was created to take ROFL's place. On the 18th of July, the team for w00t 09 was announced and ASHKZ officially applied for CN FIFA. Upon Atya's departure from Walkabout, w00t 09 was dissolved. A final tournament was found for ASHKZ, which will hopefully succeed. A mock UEFA Champions League set up by VE's England 932 AD was entered by ASHKZ, under the name Dinamo Bucharest on 20.8.2009.


The squad is managed by Traian Siperco. As a result, all the players come from his home country of Roomana. This is accepted by the ASHKZ as it brings immigrants into the country. As a result, ASHKZ was submitted under [Dinamo Bucharest] for the VE Mock UEFA Champions League 2009. The Official Squad for the first match of the mock Champions League 2009 was announced on the 20th of August 2009. Players on the bench are indicated in green.

Position Name Age
GK Stefan Andrasi 22
WD Bogdãnel Groparu 33
CD David Serbǎnoiu 28
WD Chirita Simina 26
WM Gheorghe Ricǎ 29
CM Lucian Vâlceanu 29
CM Valentin Codrut 28
WM Gica Pralea 27
F Anton Ianos 30
F Madalin Iorgan 26
F Simion Repezeanu 24
GK Daniel Voroneanu 29
D Constantin Bolintir 29
D Suca Bardos 23
MF Danut Irinel 23
F Tiberiu Sabie 25