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Nation Teams (or spheres) are an organizational method used for trade agreements. Teams are open to all players. Teams provide nations on the game maps with an identifying color based on the available teams: Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Maroon, None (represented by the color Grey), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow.

Teams provide an added dynamic to the game by allowing team members who trade with one another an extra population happiness point, and are similar to real-life free trade areas (nations not belonging to a team do not get bonuses for trading with other nations without a team).

Many alliances attempt to have all members on one team, and large alliances on one team are often said to "control" that sphere. You don't have to belong to an alliance to be in a team. Being a member of a team that is "controlled" by an alliance does not mean that you are a member of that particular alliance.

Available Teams[]

The available teams are listed below, along with links to categories containing nations that are of that team, and alliances that are specifically of that team:

  • None - Nations - Alliances
    • choosing None will give your nation a Grey marker and Grey outline circle on the maps.
  • {{Multi-Colored}} - Alliances
    • Multi-Colored is not a selectable team, only a choice for alliances that do not want to be on a specific team.


Senate elections give three members of your team the ability to see extra info on members of your own team as well the ability to impose Trade Sanctions. Alliances often try to dominate the Senate seats of their team for this reason, and sanctions have been used as a form of attack during international warfare.

7-13-2014 Update[]

On 7-13-2014, changes to the senate were announced including:

  • 5 senate seats instead of 3 on each color sphere
  • The top 100 nations limit removed
  • Elected senators will hold office for 30 days
  • Team proposals that affect all members of the team color sphere that senators can vote on.
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