NV-MRA war
Date May 18, 2008 - July 5, 2008
Casus belli MRA supporting an enemy of Nueva Vida
Result MRA becomes defunct
Preceded by
Second Illuminati War
Succeeded by
AGW-Axis war
Nueva Vida

Maroon Revolutionaries Alliance
MRA Flag
Nations: 212
Nukes: 449
Total NS: 3,322,343
Average NS: 15,671
Score: 13.34
189,907 land
703,981 infra.
109,775 tech
3,267,972 soldiers
103,406 tanks
1,417 cruise missiles
Nations: 16
Nukes: 20
Total NS: 126,541
Average NS: 7,904
Score: 0.59
5,170 land
29,365 land
2,839 tech
123,901 soldiers
7,125 tanks
132 cruise missiles

The NV-MRA War started after MRA declared war on NoV while supporting LSF, an enemy of Nueva Vida, while Nueva Vida is still at war with LSF. Due to this Nueva Vida declared war on MRA.

Sergeant Pepper of MRA statementEdit

"No, I'm just screwing with you, fake DoWs get rather annoying. Anyway, we are actually here to issue a Declaration of War against Norden Verein, due to the recent (okay 8 days old, deal with it) accusation, as well as to finally aid our comrades in the LSF. Why joint DoWs, you might ask? Well why not, biotch. The end."

Timeline and ReferencesEdit

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