Date August 14–16, 2009
Casus belli A RAD member attacks an NSO government member
Result RAD Apologizes to NSO
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Popcorn War
New Sith Order

NSOwavy2.png Ivan Moldavi

RADflag.jpg Good Master Hakai

Pre-War[edit | edit source]

Prior to war being declared, mild tension existed between the alliances of NSO and RAD based on exchanges on IRC and the Forums as well as color rivalry. On August 14, RAD created a thread which they stated that they had declared war on several things, one of them being The Entirety of the Open World Forum, watch yourself. A reply was posted from the NSO Master Sith Marauder for War, Anthony who stated Don't forget me!. This was shortly followed by an actual declaration of war from Jason8, The following are the logs of the conversations between Jason8 and Anthony

[22:07.07] <@Anthony> hey man
[22:07.29] <@Anthony> Is jason8 here
[22:07.33] <@Anthony> im wondering if hes gonna attack me
[22:07.37] <@Anthony> he declared war on me
[22:07.37] <|JASON8|RAD|> er
[22:07.38] <|JASON8|RAD|> Anthony:
[22:07.41] <|JASON8|RAD|> Yeah.
[22:07.41] <@Anthony> there we go
[22:07.42] <Litha[NPO]> ohmy.gif
[22:07.44] <|JASON8|RAD|> Over that thread.
[22:07.44] <|JASON8|RAD|> Woot.
[22:07.55] <@Anthony> wheres the attacks
[22:07.58] <|JASON8|RAD|> I was going to be a gentleman and let you throw the first punch.
[22:10.59] <|JASON8|RAD|> SO WE'RE DOIN IT
[22:11.03] <@Anthony> well
[22:11.05] <@Anthony> you didnt attack
[22:11.06] <@Anthony> thats the thing
[22:11.06] <@Anthony> lol
[22:11.09] <@Anthony> youre just sitting around
[22:11.10] <|JASON8|RAD|> Like I said.
[22:11.17] <|JASON8|RAD|> I wanted to be the gentleman and let you attack first.

Jason8 also claims that nobody had asked him to peace out and on top of that, he had been asked before and after he declared war, to continue attacking.

War Begins[edit | edit source]

In response to the attacks on Anthony, Ivan Moldavi recognized a state of war with RAD. The declaration thread was then filled with debates from NSO and RAD supporters over the course of action taken. Some felt that military action was too far and that diplomacy could have been used, whilst others thought that the declaration and attacks were justified in response to a government member being attacked. Within a twenty-four hour period, RAD had lost over 70,000 Nation Strength.

Images[edit | edit source]

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