Date July 21 — July 25, 2008
Casus belli Alleged BDC espionage against NPO
Result BDC surrenders and becomes NPO viceroyalty
Preceded by
Succeeded by
CIS-1V War
New Pacific Order
Black Defense Council
Nations: 955
Total NS: 18,513,890
Nukes: 2,757
Average NS: 19,386
Score: 72.04

929,832 land
3,680,141 Infra.
651,079 tech
17,712,974 soldiers
952,403 tanks
6,573 cruise missiles
35,105 Aircraft
2,786 ships

Nations: 77
Total NS: 1,159,105
Nukes: 72
Average NS: 15,053
Score: 4.70

60,744 land
262,386 Infra.
35,257 tech
1,046,428 soldiers
46,864 tanks
574 cruise missiles
2,016 Aircraft
93 ships

Casualties and losses
33,115 land
167,622 Infra.
27,421 tech
~600,000 soldiers
15,663 tanks
217 cruise missiles
510 Aircraft
7 ships

Casus Belli[edit | edit source]

Secretary of State (MoFA), Black Dagger BDC, was accused of espionage against the NPO. Black Dagger was found to be idling in private channels of the NPO for hours. Reasons why he was not immediately removed from those channels has yet to be released. DarkMistress of NPO that stated that "Black Dagger" would be attacked for one (1) week. As a precaution "Hunterman1043" (Triumvir) removed Black Dagger from government. Later Angryraccoon contacted NPO and reached an agreement with NPO that Black Dagger would remain in government but the one (1) week period of attacks would still be in effect. (It was revealed that Black Dagger knew Umbrae and Sev of the NPO in real-life, and had learned from them that an ally of BDC, CIS was about to be attacked, this information was forwarded from Hunter, to Myworld (BDC's viceroy from NpO), who was later removed from the NpO by Umbrae and sentenced to ZI unjustly, and without a valid reason.) On July 21 [1], the NPO declared war on the BDC for espionage, despite already coming to an agreement on the issue.

Surrender[edit | edit source]

On July 25, 2008, Emperor TrotskysRevenge of the New Pacific Order announced that Black Defense Council had accepted peace on the following terms:

  • BDC will be overseen for an indefinite period of time by a viceroy. That viceroy shall be Dilber, Standartenführer of the New Pacific Order. He will have complete sovereignty over BDC, including root admin(founder account) access to their forums for oversight purposes. This account will be returned at the end of the Viceroyship. The Viceroy will determine what, if any, military improvements and soldier/tank levels BDC nations will be allowed to have.
  • BDC members must attempt to find Dilber's pants, and post in this thread where they believe to have found them.

Emperor Revenge additionally announced that BDC would not be required to pay reparations and Black Defense Council nations were under the protection of the New Pacific Order.

Timeline and References[edit | edit source]

July 20, 2008

July 21, 2008

July 25, 2008

July 26, 2008

August 1, 2008

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