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NONE Official Flag

Team Color Blue
Founder(s) Walford
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For the Standard Edition alliance, see N.O.N.E. For other uses, see none.


NONE Tournament Edition is a loose collective of Non-aligned nations, headed by the infamous Walford. NONE:TE, as it is colloquially known, began towards the beginning of the creation of CN:TE. After finding an ever increasingly hostile climate within Standard Edition towards their actions and attempts to reinvent themselves in other forms, Walford and a few core members began the move over to TE citing greener pastures and a fresh start. The new group would be more efficient and have a greater sense of "military structure", focusing on becoming "A small, hardened, ball of hate." as supposed to the great cat-herders of the past.

During its life NONE:TE has operated as the group prefers, under the radar and mostly unseen. With keeping a low profile it is currently unknown if they are active.

Organisation and Infrastructure[]

The size and NS of this group does vary from round to round, however the core group of nations would typically number in the mid to low teens and try to maintain a similar NS. This core is often made up of long standing members of the collective and while claiming no real power, will form a general leadership caste with Walford often acting as public speaker for the group as a whole. While this group does actively recruit new members, they seldom return for more than a few rounds.

NONE:TE attempts to operate in a defensive manner, with a strict "no tech-raiding" policy and exact protocols for starting up a new nation upon the beginning of a new round. When attacked there is a general consensus that each nation must be willing and able to defend themselves in the initial, report all attacking and defensive actions and any attacks be dealt with on a case by case basis in order to maximise resources.