Queen of Sexiness, Angel of Insanity

Assumed office
March 1, 2010
Preceded by Michael von Preußen

In office
October 1, 2009 – February 12, 2010
Preceded by Thunder Strike
Succeeded by gangs20003

Myrrh's group icon on the RIA forums

Myrrh, also known as Akito, is the ruler of Myrrh. She was a member of the Random Insanity Alliance from August 20, 2009 to February 12, 2010 where she served as Head of Recruitment for a little over four months. On February 12, 2010 she left the RIA to the SOS Brigade, where she currently serves as Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot.


Myrrh created a new nation shortly before applying to the Random Insanity Alliance on August 20, 2009. She applied to the RIA after receiving a message that she liked from Thunder Strike, the RIA's Head of Recruitment at the time. Shortly after joining the alliance she became an active and contributing member. She became involved in recruiting and became a Certified Instructor for the Cactuar University under Thunder Strike. In the September 2009 elections, Thunder Strike announced his intention to run for Triumvir with the retirement of Agent Lemon, one of the previous Triumvirs. Due to this, Myrrh announced her intention of running for Head of Recruitment and as no one choose to run against her she won the position automatically. In the November 2009 elections she ran for re-election and won with 58.82% of the votes in a heated election against gangs20003. She once again ran and was re-elected in the January 2010 elections with 53.70% of the votes in a four-way election. A little bit into this new term, however, on February 12 she resigned from her position and the alliance and joined the SOS Brigade to assist them in their war against Hydra.

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