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Below, is a transcript of the Mutual Defence Pact between the People's Republic of Kimppis, and the Lerssilandia.

The People's Republic of Kimppis proposes to the Lerssilandia a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) to be valid until such time as one or both of the nations involved have decided for it to no longer be in their interests. The nations signing this pact should give 2 days warning to other if they want to break this pact.

Article I.
Any nation, group or alliance attacking either the Kimppis or the LerssiLandia will be met with the combined force of the nations.

Article II.
If by any way either nation actively provokes another nation, group or alliance into attacking them, this MDP is null and void.

Signed for:

Leader Kimmo Laine
People's Republic of Kimppis

Leader Lerssi Larssi