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Mussolandia started getting involved CN right after it was first created. Musso joined New Pacific Order on January 30, 2006; a few days after the first wave of the first wave came over from NationStates to form it in CN. Mussolandia was also involved with the NationStates NPO. Fast forward a month and Musso was in both NPO/NpO for a few months in December–February 2007 as a dual citizen. Musso history is not only linked to NPO but New Polar Order as well. Mussolandia commanded the NpO military in Great War II. Musso was very pleased with his NpO stay and stated that “I joined the NpO when it had just regained its mask. I have always been fond of the NpO and considered it an extension of our alliance.” Musso was also in the Siberian Tiger Alliance for two weeks and left due to disagreements with STA style. Mussolandia considers his most lasting contribution to CN as the work he has done with the New Pacific Order.

Mussolandia describes his NPO experience as enjoyable. Musso was the first Commandant of the NPO Academy and twice on the War Council, and once on the Alliance Council. Musso favorite time in NPO was the Alliance Council in the Citrus War. Mussolandia quoted that “It was a lot of fun and a lot of work.” Musso goes on to state that “There wasn't much diplomacy to be done at that point, so he assigned targets, created propaganda, debated in the forum. The game was smaller. It was basically a game of 4-5 alliances.” Musso lasting contribution to NPO is the time and effort he put in implementing new ideas and keeping people motivated. One of the areas Musso is most proud of is his collaboration in the creation of the NPO Academy.

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