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Official Flag of Muscovy

National Flag
Try Us
Capital City Moscow
Official Language(s) English
Established 7/9/09
(5,483 days old)
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Alliance New Sith Order
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Brown Brown
Statistics as of 1/10/2010
Religion Norse Norse
Currency Rouble Rouble
Native Resources Oil Water


The First Years[]


The Return[]

When Muscovy came back, Muscovy became a citizen of the Aquatic Coalition Front and Ivan became Minister of Defence for ACF. When ACF merged into CRAP, Ivan was on Coldfront when he found out about the merge with ACF and CRAP. Ivan III was devastated, so was the two other people from ACF who was on ACF's private IRC channel. One of the persons who was on ACF's private channel suggested that he wanted to re-make ACF much like how IAA was re-made. The other person agreed and so did Ivan III.

REMINDER: All this happened before Muscovy joined another alliance.

Ivan III said that he would help with the re-formation of ACF (New ACF - NACF)because he was going into Invicta soon. When Ivan III went into Invicta it was not long before Invicta leaders found out about what he was doing. Some (Invicta members) called it a Mini-Coup (When they contacted Ivan). Ivan said it was never a coup, he was just helping with their (NACF) documents, organising leaders (Who where on-board with the idea) and preparing a new flag for NACF. Invicta never saw it that way. Instead, Invicta banned Ivan from their forums and said that if he did not get rid of the Invicta AA, there would be severe military punishment.

What Ivan III did not say to the Ministers of Invicta (For he didn't want any Red Herrings with the courts) was that two Invicta members (One was a Minister) tried to recruit ACF members into Invicta.

The Happy Days[]

When Ivan was shunned from Invicta he told Muscovy that they would be in Peace Mode for he didn't want any Tech Raids to happen on Muscovy soil. He stayed in Peace Mode for about five to ten days with a very large money reserve so that Muscovy could live. One day on the Cyber Nations forums, an Emperor from an alliance called the German Empire contacted Ivan and asked if he would like to join TGE. Ivan was a little afraid to join because of his "Past" but he told Kaiser Frederick II anyways and Kaiser was fine with Ivan III's "Past". So Ivan III put Muscovy in the German Empire where Muscovy stands to this day. The people of Muscovy are happy where they are for there are good people in TGE and good leaders. Ivan is also working on a story for the new TGE newspaper due to be out soon. And so Musocy lives on and hopes to grow very old with his friend Kch. (Who was another Minister in ACF and that befriended one another)