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Murmansk (SkSaam. Muurman, NSaam. Murmanska, Finn. Muurmanski) is a Uralican city. When annexed on 10 November 2009, it immediately became a place of great importance for Uralica. It is the nation's most northerly major city, the only city to seat two Tribal Boards (Eastern Saami and Western Saami), the second-most important Uralican port after Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk Unitary Authority, and, as of 15 November, the seat of Sapmi county. Although it is the 13th-largest city in Uralica, it is part of a much larger urban area which is ranked tenth overall.

Its importance primarily comes from its use as a transportation hub (it sits very close to the northern end of Highway UH-7 and is also a very busy port, ranking second behind the Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk Unified Port), although it also has a large manufacturing industry as well, especially where shipbuilding and heavy machinery are concerned. A small food production industry exists as well.


Historically within the territory of the Saami people, and more specifically, speakers of the Kildin language, Murmansk is home to a great number of the Eastern Saami peoples as defined by the Tribal Divisions Act, even though those that speak the languages only make up roughly 2% of the population. Russians are the dominant ethnic group, with a large number of Finns, Karelians, and even a few Nenets living in the city.

Buildings of note include the Murmansk Synagogue, which is the world's most northerly place of Jewish worship, and the Murmansk Art Museum, which nowadays has a wing devoted to the traditional arts and crafts of the Saami peoples, Eastern and Western alike. Murmansk also has the Sapmi Symphony Orchestra, which is the world's northernmost full symphony orchestra.


Murmansk has historically been a hotbed for ice hockey players, and are expected to field at least two teams in the Uralican ice hockey league system.

Football (soccer)[]


  • Sever Murmansk


  • Dinamo-GPS Murmansk


  • Luch Murmansk
  • Sapmi Murmansk
  • Spartak Murmansk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Murmansk
  • Lokomotiv Murmansk
  • Transit Murmansk
  • Murman Murmansk
  • Muurmanskin Pallokerho
  • Severomineralnik Murmansk
  • Severstal Murmansk
  • Apatit Murmansk
  • CSKA Murmansk
  • CSKVC Murmansk
  • Vihreaniemen JK
  • FK SevNag (in the Severnoye Nagornoye district)

Ice Hockey[]

  • Torpedo Murmansk
  • Dinamo-GPS Murmansk


  • Murmanski RMS


  • Murman Bandyklub

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Dekabrsk (formerly Oktyabrsk)
  • Pervomartsky (formerly Pervomaysky)
  • Sapmisky (formerly Leninsky)
  • Stroiteley
  • Drovyanoy
  • Ruchya
  • Abram-Mys
  • Zelyonyy Mys
  • Vihreaniemi (formerly Komsomol'sk)
  • Minkino
  • Mishukovo
  • Severnoye Nagornoye
  • Yuzhnoye Nagornoye