Assumed office
October 20, 2016
Preceded by cheezy

Commissar of Defense of the Union of Communist Republics
In office
February 27, 2016 – October 20, 2016
Preceded by RA2Leader
Succeeded by Blaist Blaland

Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Communist Republics
In office
May 30, 2015 – February 27, 2016
Preceded by Sergei Romanov
Succeeded by chrismathews

Mrmarx is the ruler of 5th International, and is the 11th Premier of the Union of Communist Republics

Early DaysEdit

Mrmarx joined the game on august 14, 2014. Less than a week later, he joined the Union of Communist Republics. Although his nation, 5th International, fell under attack by raiders, the UCR provided financial support. However, mrmarx joined at a time that would set incourse a decline in the UCR’s activity. In November of 2014, the Union of Communist Republics controversially split from the Die Linke Bloc following a dispute with DL signatory, the Libertarian Socialist Federation.

Government ServiceEdit

In May 2015, Sergei Romanov stepped down as FA Commissar. In the election, mrmarx was nominated, and later elected as his successor. However, this period saw an overall decline in membership and activity within the UCR. Also, the controversy surrounding the DL split had left the alliance somewhat isolated, and foreign interaction declined. In early 2016, Longtime Defence Commissar and former Premier RA2leader went inactive. Elections were held, and mrmarx moved to the Defence Department. Commissar mrmarx sought to improve activity with a monthly roll call system. By April, Premier Akken Novikov resigned, and cheezy was elected to succeed him. Later that month, spy attacks of an unknown origin were reported among some members. They likely came from rogue alliance The Final Countdown, which was involved in a large war with other alliances, including LSF. As a sign of good faith to LSF, cheezy and mrmarx decided to provide assistance. Mrmarx was tasked with organizing counterattacks against the rogue alliance, to aid LSF.

The PremiershipEdit

Within just a few months of this conflict, however, membership and activity still declined. In August, Premier cheezy announced he may soon need to step down. Mrmarx was nominated and elected unopposed. Seeking to boost activity, Premier mrmarx worked quickly to put together a full and functioning government. Trade was revitalized, and activity saw a slight increase. In November, mrmarx negotiated an ODoAP with PoSSE. Later, LSF agreed to upgrade their UCR ODP to an MDP.

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