History Edit

Due to the evil drugmuling drugmule skrt language is being abandoned. A new language is being developed which DRUGMULE will not be privy too.

Also SKRT language will forever hate everything related to drugmule.

Mrcalkin Language Edit

Mrcalkin language AKA SEKRAT Language, is an advanced yet uncivilized language that was developed by the monkeys that comprise the territories of Zikawe. The language in it's most basic form is a variation of the english language. The language itself however has a very limited vocabulary, yet the range of the words is expansive.

The best part of sekrat language is that its secret. In order to understand the language you must be granted Underground Ella status, and then the wise ones of Zikawe will grant you enlightenment.

Drugmule is enemy #1 for all users of SKRT LANGUAGE.

The Language Edit

The words without the definitions:

  • Ocho
  • Trep
  • Sceptor
  • Isajeep
  • pieman
  • drugmule
  • VUmbrella
  • Other words have not been added to do the status of TOP SKRT BSNS WORDS.

In order for a word to be added it must be approved by the Council of Light located in the city of St Croix, Zikawe.

Ministry of Monkey Language Edit

Office Photo

The Ministry of Monkey Language are the leaders of the development, defense, and recon command for the language. The offices are located in the city of New Zikawe, Zikawe. The staff members work every day to develop new words, and at the same time tend to the secrecy of the language.

Staff Roster Edit

Lead Monkey: Cptn. Kangaroo the 3rd
Deputy Lead Monkey: Mr. Koala Jackson

Directory of Defensive Language Activities: General Kangaroo Bush
Directory of Development: Lord Nemo
Director of Recon: Donald Duck

Contact Information Edit

Street Address: P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, New Zikawe, Zikawe.
IRC Channel: #DE
Forums: DE Forums

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