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Mr. Flubb has had a long and eventful life on Planet Bob. When he started up, he was known as Andor, and quickly joined CoR. There he did nothing but enjoy the company of his fellows. When Mr. Flubb got the message that CoR disbanded, he was heartbroken. He stupidly set his AA to none and was attacked by many. Mr. Flubb flocked to WF for protection. There he stayed for a week and left eagerly for CN[CoR]e, an alliance started in remembrance of CoR. Mr. Flubb landed the job of President, where he made many influential changes in the government. Mr. Flubb somehow got locked out of his account shortly before CN[cor]e disbanded. After about a year, Mr. Flubb changed his name because he thought a few people might remember him (the buyers in a tech deal Mr. Flubb was performing before he got locked out). Mr. Flubb quickly joined UBD where he is currently the head of the Flubber Party, a party which he founded, and the Assistant Minister of Trade.

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