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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of April 17, 2011. More information is available here.
Mr. Fixit Online
Mr. Fixit Online Information
Team Color: Black
IRC: #mfo on Coldfront
Cobra Commander
  • JoshuaR
  • sp00nduck
  • Ghengis
Alliance Stats - 4/12/09
Total Nations: 27
Active Nations: 20
Percent Active: 74%
Total NS: 845,590
Average NS: 31,318
Nukes: 113
Score: 3.12

A Brief History of Mr. Fixit Online[]

Mr. Fixit Online is an alliance with a strange and interesting history. It all began 500 years ago in the Garden of Mr. Fixit himself. People did different things then, and people roamed free. JoshuaR the holy son of Mr. Fixit patrolled the lands until one day, he vomited a unicorn into the lake of gelatin. The unicorn lay in the lake for 5 days and nights until one day. The tip of the unicorns horn began to glow and it exploded in a show of lights containing colours only JoshuaR can claim to have seen. Erupting from the horn came the chosen ones. Kaban, Bigbadwlly, Kornaki, Durabo, NinjaJosh, Bob the Worm and some other oldies who I don't really know anything about. They soon settled down beside the lake of gelatin after cleaning all the unicorn birth juices from their persons, and devised a plan. They would create an empire far away from the Homeworld of Mr. Fixit, on a planet inhabited by strange little countries situated in mainly polar ice regions and in the middle of the "Pacifica" ocean. This seemed strange to the gang of merry men, so they chose what appeared to be the more suitable land of America.

But they were wrong.

Within 4 weeks of settling in America, JoshuaR and his soldiers came across a portal, which opened to Bizarro Fixit Online. And sprung forth their leader. Bizarro John Latade. He declared civil war and within a few weeks, a really epic battle occurred where everyone died in a shower of guts, except JoshuaR, and maybe bigbadwlly and Ninjajosh, but I dunno.

After sealing the portal to Bizarro Fixit Online, they felt secure to settle down and live peacefully and not disturb the citizens of Cybernations living the Pacific Ocean or on the Polar Icecaps.

That of course was until Johnny Apocalypse arrived, a truly awesome figure in history, he arrived to Mr Fixit Online, and the whole alliance stood in awe, for he was truly awesome. He then helped them discover the wheel, sliced bread, and basic hygiene standards, he also introduced them to their new vice. Ether

And the rest is history

The Bizarro Fixit Online War[]



Mr. Fixit Online Treaties[]

Treaty Type Signatories Status
TTHNNOTATMATCFAWJDTGTTBIAGDAC Treaty of Optional Aggression and Defense (TOAD) MFO & Ether Active
NOIR Bloc Bloc (ODP + Econ) Black Team Alliances Active

Former blocs[]

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