Mount Narodnaya (Russ. Гора Народная, Finn. Narodnajavuori) is the highest peak of the Ural Mountains, and also of Uralica, within which it sits, at 1,894 metres (6,214 feet) above sea level at its summit. The peak sits ever so slightly to the southeast of the border between Yugra and Central Uralica, with the closest settlement being Severnaya Naroda, a village of roughly 500 people, in Yugra. The closest major centre, on the other hand, is Vuktyl.

The northwest slope, which lies in Central Uralica bordering on the southernmost point of Virgin Komi Forests National Park, is the easiest climb, and Jarkko Salomäki has climbed it via this route five times - the first time, he planted the Uralican flag at the summit. The steep south wall has not been completely scaled, although some mountaineers, both local and foreign, have tried in the past. Since Uralica's foundation, nine people have died and thirty more have been injured trying to scale the south slope. On the southeast, there was a trail hewn out for a moderate-difficulty climb, but this was destroyed by an avalanche on 6 March 2010. Four hikers suffered ailments varying from low-degree hypothermia to broken bones, but there were no fatalities.

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