Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance

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Moth, or Great Lord, Moth, is the ruler of Xythra. He is a former long time government member of the Random Insanity Alliance holding such positions as Triumvir, Leader, Head of Foreign Affairs, and Economic Advisor.


Moth was one of the founding members of the Random Insanity Alliance, joining several days after it's founding, and due to this he became it's first Foreign Advisor, later renamed Head of Foriegn Affairs. Due to his skill in his once new found position he remained the Head of Foreign Affairs from the RIA's founding until the end of May 2007, almost an entire year. He gave of this position and instead of ran for leader at the end of May. In this same election Azural, the current Leader, decided to step down and run for Head of Foreign Affairs. This resulted in a switch of the positions between the two candidates. Moth stayed as leader throughout the summer until it's end when he decided to switch to running for Economic Advisor to re-shape the RIA's economic department. He defeated the incumbent cctmsp13 and stayed as the Economic Advisor until the end of November, when the new ConstRItution of the RIA came into force. With this new ConstRItution Moth decided to run for the newly created position of Triumvir. He remained the Triumvir of the RIA for nearly a year until he decided to take a break from government not re-run in the September elections. In the subsequent elections he was replaced by DrunkWino. This also marked the first time in the RIA's history that Moth will not be in a Cabinet, ending his streak at Twenty-Six Cabinets.


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