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A Formerly Sanctioned alliance on Cybernations Tournament Edition.

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The Foundation of Mostly Harmful Alliance[]

Our Mission Statement
Here at Mostly Harmful Alliance, we help to build our members and our alliance to realize their fullest potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and our values that make it possible.

Our Values
Honesty and Integrity. Passion for members, our alliance, and its growth and development. Taking on big challenges and seeing them through. Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence. Accountability to members, alliance, allies for commitments, results, and quality. Having FUN!!!

Our Goals
Encourage increase participation in alliance activities
Encourage members to help each other
Develop a solid game management structure
Develop and Maintain a solid level of respect and integrity amongst all CNte alliances
Set new standards in the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation
Keep our member aware of all important events in CNte