The MHA was founded by stragglers after the original Mostly Harmless Alliance collapsed with no heir.

The MHA Way Edit

The MHA exists as an alliance of both friendship, respect, and dignity. We are the who take it easy and never panicking. Our members respect the MHA Way as being one of freedom of speech, respect for each other, having a laugh, and enjoying the cyberverse. The MHA Way is not to serve yourself. Every opinion is sacred, but we shall always respect the needs of the many. The nations of the MHA work together in trade, friendship, and mutual support in difficult times. We are beacons of prosperity, growth, joy, and strength. You shall never be alone in the MHA, as long as you are ready to be involved. We are an alliance, and a family. We are the MHA.

History Edit

MHA had suffered from inactivity and collapsed without an heir. Tribal Nomad took the Mostly Harmless Alliance name and the stragglers went with MostlyHarmlessAlliance.

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