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Moscovy's personal Pacifican Standard created by Koona on January 31, 2006.

Moscovy was one of the first NPO nations that came from the dark void beyond the CN realm to join Ivan Moldavi in his quest for order. He was one of the oldest and most powerful members of the NPO. Although many of his achievements are largely kept behind closed doors, preferring to keep a much more quieter role than some of his contemporaries such as Dilber and The Mighty Pump. One of his most important achievements in the NPO was the founding of the Pacific Bank. He had been serving as a permanent banker on that committee. His public records show that Moscovy has been three times in the Alliance Council where he positioned the NPO in a pact with the Legion called the Imperial Accords. It is also believed he has had close informal diplomatic ties with other alliances such as GATO. Thus, he became one of the chief supporters of the Unity Covenant and the Dove Doctrine in the early history of the game. In addition to the NPO Alliance Council, he has also served on the NpO War Council at the request of Ivan Moldavi. What Moscovy did beyond being a councilor and banker is not very clear.

Moscovy retired from cybernations after the Great Patriotic War, leaving no letter of resignation. Moscovy was the head of a vast Pacifican Intelligence Network with quite a lot of alts under his control. Some of these alts were grandfathered in and some were not. Moscovy's main cover was as Kamehameha who founded GATO's intelligence department, thus he had a direct say in GATOs working as an alliance and even utilized it's Intelligence resources to spy on LUE for the NPO eventhough it was a GATO operation. Other covert projects included stealth bankers for financing rogue nuclear strikes, and the founding of OPA which was meant as a challenge to the ODN in the Orange Sphere. Moscovy had other agents working for him as well spreading his influence into high places in the Legion, GPA, and many other of the main alliances. However the Coven had also was playing this deep game and the Coven compared notes from their agents in GATO and the NPO and Moscovy was found out. The NPO at that time stopped the spying game and Moscovy retired.

Moscovy had a following within the NPO among the more aggressive players, and was a highly influential NPO member during Ivan Moldavi's reign. Moscovy was a stalwart of Moldavi and was also a founding member of the New Polar Order.

War history[edit | edit source]

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