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Mordoviya is a Uralican county, based on the historical region of the same name. The county was one of five new counties officially created on 15 November 2009. The vast majority of Uralica's Mordvin Tribe lives in this area, speaking Moksha and Erzya. Mordvins and Russo-Mordvins comprise roughly 70% of the population, with Finns, full-blooded Russians, Chuvash, and a small number of Tatars making up the balance. Over half of the population lives in Saransk, the county seat. Outside Saransk, there is an east-west trend in terms of Mordvin language - towards the east, there is a higher proportion of Erzya speakers, while the west has increasingly higher populations of Moksha-speakers.


Flag of Mordoviya.

It also contains the official starting point of UH-1, the Great Uralican Highway, which is the large town of Krasnoslobodsk.

The flag, in use continuously since 1994, was flown at half-mast for most of 2007 after the Uralic Purges forced the relocation of much of the population. (This diasporic population returned when Uralica annexed the historical region of Mordoviya.) It bears a slight resemblance to the flag of the historical Udmurtiya, which now flies as the flag of Udmurtiya North.

There has been a mass "Mordvinization" of city and town names since the annexation.

Important Cities And Towns[]

  • Saransk
  • Orozai (formerly Ruzayevka)
  • Lashma (formerly Kovylkino)
  • Krasnoslobodsk
  • Ordanjbuje (formerly Ardatov)
  • Torpoi (formerly Torboyevo, Mksh. Tarbei)
  • Insar
  • Yavas
  • Temnikov

Name Origins[]


  • Lashma
  • Orozai
  • Yavas (original name)
  • Insar (original name)


  • Ordanjbuje
  • Orozai
  • Torpoi