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The Moral War
Date November 14, 2009 — ???
Casus belli Ideological Conflict
Result Attica deleted
Preceded by
Knights of Ni! War
Flag of Attica
The Moralist Front
Initial Stats (November 14th)
Nations: 1
Nation Strength: 249
Average NS: 249
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.01

Initial Stats (November 14th)
Nations: 9
Nation Strength: 61,679
Average NS: 6,853
Nukes: 13
Score: 0.32

The Moral War is a term applied to an international incident involving a single-nation declaration of war on the Moralist Front by the nation known as Attica on 14 November 2009, sparking small-scale warfare and an ongoing ideological conflict.


In the days preceding the 14th of November, newly registered poster Atticus made a series of threads alluding to "revelations".[1] Following these threads, Atticus posted a doctrine that he styled "The Most Holy Doctrine of Meism", based upon a rejection of Morality and the promotion of self-interest.[2] Atticus then announced the creation of Attica, and alliance dedicated to principles of Meism.[3] Not long afterwards, Attica declared war on the Moralist Front, citing the principles of Meism.[4]


The Moralist Front proceeded to insist that Attica would not be given peace until it complied with a number of standards, including having a minimum of twenty members and an average nation strength of 10,000.[5] On November 15, Attica posted its 3rd Testament, detailing the appropriate form of Meist government.[6] The Moralist Front immediately declared war on Attica, again, citing Attica's contradiction of moral principles.[7] Later on the 15th, Attica made an announcement in support of Athens in the Knights of Ni! War. The Moralist Front then immediately declared war on Attica, citing the quantity of annoying threads posted by that alliance.[8] As of this moment, no in-game attacks have been made by either side.


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