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MooseWizard is the ruler of Turkmoosekistan, and member of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons on the Orange sphere.


Turkmoosekistan was founded on Sunday, July 29, 2007. Originally, it belonged to the alliance of Hadishi, a very close-nit group of gamers from the HadishiNation forum. Unfortunately, this was not a true alliance, as there was no direction or vision. Eventually, players started disappearing--many deleting, and a few dedicated members sought out legitimate alliances.

After Hadishi was no longer big enough to ward off tech raiders, MooseWizard withdrew from Hadishi and sought refuge on the Orange sphere for protection by NPO. After a short time, it was realized that the NPO "protection" was not all it was cracked up to be, and MooseWizard sought a new home. The Grand Lodge of Freemasons was very appealing, and just under on year from the date of his country's founding, MooseWizard joined The Lodge on July 22, 2008.


  • 07/29/07 - Founded Turkmoosekistan
  • 07/22/08 - Joined The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
  • 09/05/08 - Passed to the degree of Fellowcraft
  • 03/02/09 - Raised to the degree of Master Mason
  • 06/08/09 - Became Deacon of Internal Works
  • 06/12/09 - Suspended for two days from CN Forums for reposting complaint that admin deleted.
  • 12/08/09 - Became Grand Superintendent
  • 07/08/10 - Became Grand Knight
  • 09/XX/10 - Left GLOF.
  • 05/05/11 - Turkmoosekistan deleted.