Monsters, Inc.-SWF War
Date April 12-April 15, 2015
Casus belli Tech raid by Monsters, Inc.
Result Ceasefire
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Monsters, Inc.-TSO War
Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. Flag


Die Linke

ICSN flag

War Flag of the Libertarian Socialist Federation

The Monsters, Inc.-SWF War War began on April 12, 2015 when Monsters, Inc. declared war on the Socialist Workers Front. The Libertarian Socialist Federation became involved as a result of their MDP/dual-membership status with SWF via the Die Linke bloc. A ceasefire was achieved for Monsters, Inc. on April 15 through intervention by their protectors, Kashmir and Kaskus. The details of the agreement were kept private.

Casus belliEdit

The war began as a raid on two SWF nations by Monsters, Inc. When SWF responded to the raid by attacking Monsters, Inc. nations not involved in the raid, Monsters, Inc. formalized hostilities.

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12 April 2015 - Monsters, Inc. declaration of war on SWF
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