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Molon Labe Protectorate Treaty

Molon Labe
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Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: 9/2/08
Treaty Status: Ongoing

The Molon Labe Protectorate Treaty is a protectorate agreement between Molon Labe and DOOM. It was announced on September 2, 2008.

Text of the Treaty[]

ML and DOOM got nutin but love for each other, so with that in mind, DOOM is now a protectorate of ML until further notice.

I. Sovereignty and Behavior[]

Molon Labe and DOOM shall recognize the sovereignty of both alliances in this pact.

Molon Labe and DOOM shall be in a state of non-aggression for the duration of this pact.

Molon Labe and DOOM shall be in a state of amity for the duration of this pact.

II. Aid, Intelligence, and Protection[]

The alliances of Molon Labe and DOOM agree to aid and defend each other against outside aggression.

The alliances of Molon Labe and DOOM agree to coordinate and share relevant information about the safety of the two alliances.

This treaty also permits an optional-only attack agreement should one of the signatories initiate a state of war with a third party. There is no mandatory mutual attack agreement in place.

III. Interior Policy[]

Both alliances shall retain complete sovereignty in regards to their respective interior policies.

IV. Exterior Policy[]

Both alliances agree to warn the other 24 hours before committing to a major foreign policy agreement with a third party.

Molon Labe is given veto powers over any DOOM foreign policy action that can be reasonably shown to threaten the safety of the Molon Labe alliance.

V. Withdrawal and Review[]

Cancelation of the pact by any party grants a 72 hour grace period by both parties to both parties before the cancellation comes into effect.

Molon Labe and DOOM shall regularly review this agreement to check the need and validity of a Protectorate agreement based on DOOM's size and need for protection.

Signed for ML

  • Congress:
    • OD45
    • Chimay
    • Wickica
    • Psychic Bacon
    • Pepper
  • MoFA:
    • kswiss2783
  • MoWaD:
    • OD45
  • MoIA:
    • Pepper
  • MoTaF:
    • Spinr

Signed for DOOM

  • Ryu2999 - Grand Master of DOOM
  • +Zeke+ - Chief Magistrate of DOOM
  • Metal Mayhem - Magistrate of DOOM