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'''Moldavi Doctrine''' is the policy of the [[New Pacific Order]] claiming the NPO suck balls
The '''Moldavi Doctrine''' could refer to...
*The '''[[Moldavi Doctrine (New Pacific Order)|New Pacific Order's Moldavi Doctrine]]''', a defunct doctrine that was created in 2006 by [[Ivan Moldavi]] which granted the [[New Pacific Order|NPO]] exclusive control of the [[Red]] trading sphere;
*The '''[[Moldavi Doctrine (New Sith Order)|New Sith Order's Moldavi Doctrine]]''', a doctrine created in 2009 by [[Ivan Moldavi]] which set out the conditions that the [[New Sith Order]] could join an offensive or defensive action of their choosing.
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[[Category:New Sith Order]]

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The Moldavi Doctrine could refer to...

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