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The '''Moldavi Doctrine''' could refer to...
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*The '''[[Moldavi Doctrine (NPO)]]''', a defunct doctrine that was created in 2006 by [[Ivan Moldavi]] which granted the [[NPO]] exclusive control of the [[Red]] trading sphere
*The '''[[Moldavi Doctrine (NSO)]]''', a doctrine created in 2009 by [[Ivan Moldavi]] which set out the conditions that the [[New Sith Order]] could join an offensive or defensive action of their choosing
'''Moldavi Doctrine''' was the policy of the [[New Pacific Order]] claiming the [[Red]] sphere as their sole domain. It stated that other alliances were not permitted to reside on Red without Pacifican consent, nor are Senate candidates from outside the NPO membership tolerated. It was [http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=60464 rescinded] on June 13, 2009.
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[[Category:New Sith Order]]
In the past the doctrine had been cited as precedent by other alliances seeking to impose similar policies over their own color spheres, most notably by [[GOONS]] in the [[Goonland Security Act]].

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The Moldavi Doctrine could refer to...

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