MoAD Conflict
Date August 3–7, 2007
At Issue: Naming rights over "MAD" acronym
Result: Mercenaries of Absolute Destruction renames itself
Key Individuals
Participant Alliances

Mutually Assured Defense

Mercenaries of Absolute Destruction
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The MoAD Conflict was a disagreement over naming rights between two alliances claiming the MAD acronym.

On August 3 Mercenaries of Absolute Destruction leader The Russian posted a recruitment thread on the CN boards for "MAD". Mutually Assured Defense, which had been using the acronym for 8 months, took note of the thread. Later that evening, leaders of the two alliances began private negotiations, which ultimately failed. On August 4 the MoAD ambassador to Darkfall entered Mutually Assured Defense's embassy there to seek help in the conflict from Darkfall, with whom MoAD was considering a merger. Mutually Assured Defense took the trespass as proof that two MADs would be too confusing, and that its own sovereignty would be put in jeapordy if MoAD ever made an enemy. With negotiations going nowhere, on August 5 Mutually Assured Defense issued a public ultimatum to MoAD demanding they change their name. The ultimatum carried a deadline of 8:00 pm Cyber Nations Time on August 7, lest there be war.

At approximately three hours before the deadline, MoAD presented a document to Mutually Assured Defense proposing the name Mercenaries of Absolute Death and Destruction, which would carry the acronym MADD. In the ensuing discussion it became clear that the proposed new name was chosen by MoAD "out of spite" to "try and piss off" Mutually Assured Defense. 8 minutes before the deadline, Mutually Assured Defense rejected the proposal and gave MoAD/MADD until 10:30 CN time to come up with a "reasonable" proposal. Within an hour, the MoAD/MADD government officially proposed the name CN Mercenaries, which was accepted by Mutually Assured Defense and thus ended the conflict without loss of life or infrastructure.


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