Ministry of Truth
Administrator Vacant
Branches Agitprop
"For the internal governance of Oceania -- and for seeking out those who wander alone, so as to bring them into the glorious embrace of the Truth of The Party"

The Ministry of Truth, also known as Minitrue, is Oceania's interior department tasked with various responsibilities. Among them include media, the enforcement of Party decrees, forum moderation, and Oceanic recruitment.

Media[edit | edit source]

Main article: Agitation and Propaganda Bureau of Oceania

One of the main responsibilities for the Ministry of Truth is media. This is handled primarily by the Agitprop Bureau, which focuses on congen. Congen is Newspeak for content generation, the focus for the Bureau which produces posters, avatars, graphics, signatures, and other media.

Organized on January 18, 2012, media was previously coordinated by Oceania Beautification Industries of the Truth Ministry.

Ministers[edit | edit source]

Carpatus July 2011 - 15 October 2011
Nikolai 15 October 2011 - 5 January 2012
VACANT 5 January 2012 - present

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