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Ministry of Education of Michaelberg
Michaelberg Education
Frederick Waters
Term length5-15 years
Inaugural holderFrederick Waters

Ministry History[]

When the nation of Michaelberg was first created, Blitzkreig1010 created a plethora of ministries that would be responsible for various tasks. The Ministry of Education was one of these first ministries to be created and was to be responsible for the education, both primary, secondary and post-secondary of all tax-paying Michaelberg residents. Within the Michaelberg constitution, section 20B describes the functions and operations for which the Ministry of Education would be responsible. Here is an excerpt from the Michaelberg Constitution:

The Ministry of Education, which shall be one of the seven ministries to be established in the sovereign nation of Michaelberg, will be responsible for the education, both primary, secondary and post-secondary of all tax-paying Michaelberg residents. The job of the Minister of Education, who shall be elected every five years, is to not only supervise the operations of the ministry itself, but to also hold a seat in the President's Cabinet and give regular reports about the ministry to the current President. If either of these duties are not fulfilled by the Minister of Education, the other Ministers and the President may decide to impeach him or her through a vote.

Famous Ministry Directives[]

MoEd Directive No. 1: Public Education Decree[]

The first directive to be issued by the Ministry of Education, this policy was issued by the first Minister of Education, Frederick Waters of the Socialist Party. This directive decreed that all education within the nation, except for post-secondary, would be fully subsidized by the Michaelberg government. This allows all tax-paying Michaelberg residents to recieve a free education which includes English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and History, both World and National.

MoEd Directive No. 2: Private Probation Act[]

This second directive issued by the Minister of Education of the time, Frederick Waters, stated that all privately owned educational facilities were to be closed immediately and all students enrolled at such institutions were to be moved to the closest public facility. This decree went on to say that if any privately owned schools were to continue operating following February 1st, 2009, with the exception of universities, they would be closed by force with the owners of the facility being sent to prison.

Notable Ministers and Others[]

  • Frederick Waters (First Minister of Education)
  • Metilda Hopkins (First Head of the Primary Education Board)
  • Shawna Deitrich (First Head of the Secondary Education Board)
  • Devon Chara (First Head of the Educational Probation Association)