Ministry Legati
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of the Aquisgranan Government
Ministry Legati Logo
Minister Legati Gavin Jones
Deputy Minister Legati Curristan
Branches None
Maintenance of foreign relations with other alliances.

The Ministry Legati (English: Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is responsible for maintaining and building bonds across Planet Bob as well as training and electing diplomats to serve as ambassadors to our friends across the globe. The Minister Legati acts as the first point of contact for alliances wishing to bridge relations with the Republic of Aquisgrana. The Minister is responsible for relations between the Republic and its allies, the Minister also liaisons with his fellow Foreign Affairs officials in AZTEC to discuss issues relating to the bloc or individual alliances in the bloc.

Responsibilities of the Minister of Foreign AffairsEdit

"It is the duty of State authority to maintain and cultivate amicable relations with all peoples. The Minster of Foreign Affairs of the Republic represents the Republic in international relations, he or she concludes and signs treaties with foreign countries on behalf of the Republic. All treaties or recision of the same must be approved by a majority vote of the Concilium Ministrorum and the Concilium Populi. The Minister of Foreign Affairs accredits and receives foreign ambassadors and ministers."
Article IV, Sections 3 of the Charter of the Republic

Past MinisterEdit

Past Minister's of Foreign Affairs
Minister Term
Elfriede Riotte July 25, 2009 - 18 August 2010

Treaty ListEdit

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