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Also referred as the 'Council of Ministers', these Ministers make up the basic Administration of the Supreme Government. There are five unique Ministry branches that act mostly independent of each other. These men and women are appointed by the acting Visguard and will remain in power until replaced by the same Visguard, or the next.

Ministries and their duties[]

Ministry of Domestic Affairs[]

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs is tasked with maintaining a healthy domestic economy, and a positive or neutral trade surplus. Working beneath the Ministry of Domestic Affairs is the Director of Infrastructural Development which focuses on fair employment options to all citizens, the Director of Welfare Systems which focuses on pensions, and unemployment checks, and finally the Director of Business Management which helps protect smaller businesses against larger foes.

Current Minister: Enrico Gazzera
Ministry Organizations: Director of Infrastructural Development (DID), Director of Welfare Systems (DWS), Director of Business Management (DBM)

Ministry of War[]

The Ministry of War is responsible for maintaining the Vengarnen army in peacetime meaning to keep the army well funded, well trained, and well prepared to defense Vengarnen land claims against foreign interests. Under the Ministry of War, the Director of Security serves its duty.

Current Minister: Marcus Velleius Arechis
Ministry Organizations: Director of Security (DS)

Ministry of Research[]

The Ministry of Research is dedicated to research information about foreign countries such as citizen count, GDP, and so forth. Beneath this Ministry is the Director of Military Technology that's main objective is to progress Enclave military technology.

Current Minister: Oreste Messe
Ministry Organizations: Director of Military Technology (DMT)

Ministry of Education[]

The Ministry of Education focuses primarily around the high educational standards of Vengarnen. Apart of it, is the Director of Culture which helps sustain Vengarnen culture both at home, and into foreign nations, this also covers propaganda.

Current Minister: Pollari Ramorino
Ministry Organizations: Director of Culture (DC)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs[]

Ensuring the Vengarnen image is seen as the 'Strong, Merciful, and Caring', the Ministry of Foreign Affairs works around the clock to secure trade agreements, foreign relation packs, and setting up Vengarnen puppet governments around the world.

Current Minister: Pietro Baratieri