Minister of Security of
the Christian Coalition of Countries
Samewise (the Last MoS)
Term length3 Months
Inaugural holderJuneau of Juneau
FormationJune 2007

History,Mandates,and Demise of the Minister of Security Edit

The Minister of Security was a mid-level position in the government of the Christian Coalition of Countries. It fell under the command of both the Internal Affairs division, and the Ministry of Defense. Its purpose was to be on the look out for several things, while making the jobs of several others easier.

The Minister of Security had to be sharp eyed, have a great attention to detail, and a passion for the Cybernation's main forums, as well as the game itself. He was to locate possible spys, ban evasion, or suspicious IP addresses on the CCC forums. He was to check the aid and war screens of member nation for attacks or suspicious aid. A side job of the MoS was to hawk the Open World Forums on the CN main forums for threads that may pertain to alliance security or policy. A inactive report was presented every week, allowing the CCC forewarning of nations on the verge of deletion.

The removal of the Minister of Security was in part do to the updates of CyberNations. With a click of a button, anyone could check the aid or war screens of the Coalition. Other parts of the job have been integrated into other positions, rendering the office of Minister of Security, obsolete.

Former Ministers of Security Edit

  • Juneau of Juneau (June 2007 –September 2007)
  • The Ruler (September 2007 – January 2008)
  • Cooper I of Eastern Australia (January 2008 – July 2008)
  • Samwise of Gladius (July 2008 – December 2008)
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