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The Imperial Military of Prussia (German: Reichswehr von Preußen), is the Military force of the Imperial German Dominion of Prussia. It is lead by the Chief of General Staff Alfred von Schliefen through the Emergency Procedure Organization (EPO) based in the Prussian Capital of Quarthe.


There are four separate branches in the Prussian Military. These branches are:

  • The Imperial Guard (IG) - The Empire's defense force, whose duty is to protect Quarthe from foreign invaders.
  • The National Army (NA)- Prussia's elite army, responsible for foreign invasions, and rarely for defense or aid to other nations.
  • The Prussian Navy (PN) (Inactive) - The Empire's navy force, for either defense or attacks.
  • The National Air Force (NAF) - The air force of the Empire, whose duty is to attack other nations or defend Quarthe from foreign attack.

It is the duty of these four divisions to contribute to the total protection of the Dominion, and they answer only to the current Minister of War and the Chief of General Staff Alfred von Schliefen.

The Emergency Procedure Organization (EPO)[]

The Emergency Procedure Organization is the Government Organization responsible for maintaining the Imperial Military.

It is led by the Chairman (usually the current Chancellor) and presides over a council of current Tactical Officers who make decisions regarding strategic placements and movement by the Imperial Military.

The EPO, though led by the current Chancellor, is essentially under the control of the Chief of General Staff through use of absolute executive powers in regards to the Military.